Getting serious on renewable energy in South Bay

Manhattan Beach has pledged its vision for 100% renewal energy, and other cities are also hopping on the clean-energy bandwagon. This is an important step towards addressing the critical issue of climate change by using renewable resources. Flag as Inappropriate

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Paul Scott April 11, 2014 at 01:46 pm
Jim Baker, renewable wind and solar energy has dropped dramatically in the past few years. Wind isRead More now cheaper than new coal plants, and recently, Austin Energy signed a 25 year power purchase agreement (PPA) for 5 cents kWh! http://www.treehugger.com/renewable-energy/solar-power-cheaper-natural-gas-coal-and-nuclear-power-texas.html Most of the roofs in MB are perfect for solar. If you average $100/month or more in electricity bills, you are losing money by not going solar.
Joe Galliani April 12, 2014 at 01:20 pm
Every good idea we've ever had in America brings out the "No Can Do" crowd of critics andRead More ballbusters who never contribute to the solutions and only see impossible problems wherever they look. The list of arrogantly ignorant people who said we couldn't land a man on the moon; that we couldn't win WWII; that seatbelts/airbags/catalytic converters/anti-lock breaks would make cars prohibitively expensive; that solar panels don't work; that planes would never fly, that personal computers were unnecessary, that no one would want their own cell phone, that we can't get off fossil fuels; that we can't outlaw smoking in bars and restaurants without them all going out of business; that the clean air act and the clean water act would never work and would cost business too much money; etc, etc, etc is endless and a source of amusement. These same types of people also told Einstein he was wrong, said the same thing to Henry Ford and Steve Jobs and are now badmouthing Elon Musk. These know-nothings never learn and they never let facts get in the way of their "It Can't Be Done" attitudes. Their opinions are worthless - and based on history, completely easy and justifiable to ignore. If Jim Baker had attended MB2025's forum he would have heard real world answers and case studies based on fact - including comments from the Mayors of actual communities where they are already making these transitions. So you can see why it is hard to respect an opinion that based on some preordained notion in one's head when one didn't bother to do their homework or choose to make any sense. It is your American right to invent whatever stories in your head that make you feel better about what you choose to believe, but that doesn't mean those of us living in the reality-based world need to take you seriously.
Gerry O'Connor April 13, 2014 at 03:00 pm
As laudable as the focus of this forum may have been, Councilman D'Errico was absolutely on theRead More mark, both procedurally and ethically, when he respectfully pointed out at the subsequent (April 1) MB City Council meeting that no "visions", "goals", or any other aspect of 'MB 2025' were ever even discussed, let alone approved by the MB City Council, and proper process was therefore entirely averted in identifying this forum as a *city* event. Now, before any 'MB 2025' proponents go on the attack, this comment has absolutely nothing to do with the merits of this forum's content or the hard work of the volunteer organizers, but has everything to do with the huge potential for significant community damage when just a few city officials, both elected and appointed, grossly overstep their bounds. (I happen to be a lifelong conservationist who values very few things more than such environmental concerns -- but one thing I do value equally is proper and ethical governance. Those who may mistake this message as one that threatens the focus of this forum would assuredly be amongst the first and loudest to object if, say, we had a Mayor who similarly chose, on his/her own, to get out in front of a similarly organized "city" forum on kicking off the ambitious new "city goal", never discussed by our City Council, of, say ... drilling for oil ... or building a new gas-fired power plant.) ;-)
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