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Please note, the original calendar event had the incorrect meeting location. The calendar event location has been amended. The meeting will be held at Marine Avenue Park, 1651 Marine Avenue, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266.

This is the first meeting of the Parks and Recreation Commission Skateboard Park Ad-Hoc Committee. This meeting is to introduce interested individuals to the history and overview of the skateboard park survey as well as discuss funding options.

The Parks and Recreation Commission serves in an advisory capacity to the City Council regarding the recreational needs of all citizens and shall promote supervised public recreation within the City.  The Commission consists of seven (7) members:  five (5) at-large members, one (1) representative from the Manhattan Beach Unified School District, and one (1) Mira Costa High School student.  The Commission meets on the fourth Monday of every month at 6:30 PM.  Meetings are subject to change; check the City Calendar to note any changes in the Commission Meeting schedule. 

For more information on the Parks and Recreation Commission, check out the Parks and Recreation Commission page.

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Gary Osterhout February 25, 2014 at 08:23 PM
Well, if "funding options" is the what they need, one "option" might be our City's idle, unused cash. From the 2/4/14 Staff report on the results of the 6/30/13 year-end audit: "The total fund balance in the General Fund as of June 30, 2013 was $19,588,760. Utilizing governmental accounting standards classifications for governmental type funds (GASB 54), the fund balance is as follows: Unassigned: $17,983,812 Restricted: $1,130,434 Non-Spendable: $474,514 So, how much do you guys need? Would seem that even the high-end $1MM estimate for the park would only be a drop in the bucket.
Gary Osterhout February 26, 2014 at 11:03 AM
A bit patronizing on that recommendation, Tom, as I am well aware of how to communicate with the Council, as well as last night's meeting. The Council are aware of my position given my comments at the 1/21/14 meeting where the 2014/15 budget was kicked off, although I consider what I am expressing as being basic civics, as in the concept that the City provides for what the residents need. I was also on the parks and rec commission in 2002, when the commission recommended the building of the skate park at the Marine location. The council put it on their 2004-2009 CIP plan for construction (the same type of CIP plan heard Tuesday night). I have advocated adequate and responsible CIP funding and planning continually every year since the Public Safety Facility Bond issue failed. Given all the above, I think my opinion has been heard. What I haven't heard in over 13 years is a real responsive general fund facilities construction program out of Council, as they kick real planning down the road (including the $1M spend on the now-useless and ignored Facility Strategic Plan).
Tom Allard February 26, 2014 at 02:16 PM
Gary, I wasn't trying to be Patronizing and I am fully aware of your input to the council and past volunteer work as a commissioner. there is approx. $150,000 in this years CIP for design work on a skateboard park, which the Council pushed back to next years CIP, because of the work the Comissioner has just started to undertake. The 5 year CIP also has money in it for a Park. The Council likes joint Public/Private for projects, like the artifical turf project with CITY/AYSO at Marine park. The Last complete staff/commission report on at Skatepark was done in 2001 and a 18,000 square foot Skatepark in Polliwog Park was in the 2008 FACILITIES STRATEGIC Plan. All of which need updating. in 2001 there was only one Skatepark in our area (Hermosa Beach), now everyone communitiy except MB have one. My goal here was only to help inform the public about the process and dates and times of meetings. Hopefully the Ad Hoc Committee will complete their work by the end of May and the Council will receive the recommendations of the Parks & Rec Commission along with a new update Staff report at a meeting in late June. Then it will be up to the City Council.
Gary Osterhout February 26, 2014 at 03:26 PM
Tom, that's exactly my point earlier about this "public/private partnership." Sure it's their "preference" to have a group pay they freight so they don't have to make hard decisions--one can easily see why they like that. But there is no reason why in one of the most prosperous cities in the U.S. that we have to resort to such. And if we don't push back in asking the City to fund what is the City's responsibility, then we become enablers for a really bad policy. This distortion of the term "public/private" not only dilutes what it costs to run a city and allows diversion of funds to unnecessary or less-controller service costs, but inappropriately gives utilization preference to those who put up the money or requires us to allow intrusive advertising in the form of 'naming rights.' It also allows those with upfront money to get preference for their projects before others, or to make or influence policy decisions on the location, development, and utilization. The AYSO deal was bad policy, as was the MBYB having to pay for basketball standards. If this is a project for the benefit of the city, then good policy holds that the entire city should pay for it. A really simple civic construct that for some reason seems inaccessible to our councilmembers. If "public/private" is now the rule (and the term "public/private" generally means that the private sector provides what the public sector can't, not just to pony up money), then we should ask the councilmembers to formally adopt that as policy, instead of "assuming" that is the policy and making it easier for them to avoid an articulate, responsible and accountable facility development policy.


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