Vote for Libertarian Mark M. Herd for Congress!!!!

Ron Paul was the Libertarian Candidate for President in 1988
Ron Paul was the Libertarian Candidate for President in 1988

In a one day you can help change the world. You can help us stop the likes of BUSH and OBAMA from recording your phone calls and feeding you unlabeled GMO foods. They are sending 85.5 Billion dollars of your taxes to Afghanistan next yr, not here in America where it's needed for infrastructure, education and healthcare. Your taxes are paying for wars, for death and we need to wake up as a nation and course correct!

Vote for Mark Matthew Herd for Congress 33rd on June 3rd!!

The media called Mark M. Herd the Ron Paul/Ronald Reagan Libertarian

and although he is a big fan of both, he likes to be called the GREEN Libertarian.

Have you Heard of Herd?

Herd Organized the #1 Neighborhood Council in Los Angeles (out of 93)

Herd's attempt was the sixth. Five attempts before Herd's failed.
Herd was elected, then re-elected to the WWNC in 2010 and 2012
Herd served on the Land Use Committee and was a WWNC Western Regional Alliance of Councils Representative
Herd served on the VNC Ocean Front Walk Committee
Herd served as President of the Park Ashton HOA 4x (2004 - 2008 - 2010 - 2012)
Herd has helped pass motions stopping fracking, stopping commercialization of parks, stopping billboard blight and labeling GMOs amoung many others
Herd started his own company up and shut 4 competitors down in just 2 years
Herd was born in Santa Monica and grew up in Westwood spending almost his whole life in ther 33rd district

Support the Ron Paul Revolution!!

We really appreciate your help and please tell a friend. If you believe in Ron Paul then please vote for Mark M. Herd on June 3rd.
Thank you and God Bless, to see all the candidates
goto youtube and search: candidates congress 33rd

Mark Matthew Herd for Congress 33rd


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