Shark Photo Bomb in Manhattan Beach Goes Viral

An unsuspecting mother captures what some are saying is a shark in the shoreline, near her son and his friend.

Photo by June Emerson
Photo by June Emerson
June Emerson wasn't expecting an appearance by a shark, but that's pretty much what she saw when reviewing photos taken Friday during a beach outing in Manhattan Beach.

The mother of twins, one of whom was in the water when she took the photo the shark photo bombed unbeknownst to all, was shocked to see what appears to be a shark near her son and his ocean buddy in the waters off 31st Street.

The photo has gone viral, with countless media outlets - online and TV - reporting on the photo bombing shark, which in this instance, didn't ruin the photo, as most photo bombers purposely do.

Whether or not the swimmer in the water was a shark or dolphin has yet to be confirmed.

According to Urban Dictionary online:

1. photobomb
word of the day: December 05, 2009
(verb)- to drop in a photo unexpectedly...to hop in a picture right before it is taken.


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