California's Top 50 Campaign Donors

California Watch, an investigative watchdog organization, has compiled the decade's top 50 individual and organizational donors. Who spent $52.5 million? http://rainmaker.apps.cironline.org/donors/william-e-bloomfield-jr/

California Watch has reported on California's Top 50 individual and Top 50 organizational campaign donors for the past decade, and on this election day 2012, the state's "Rainmakers" is meaty reading.

The report not only lists how much each entry spent, but how the money broke down on winning versus losing candidates or campaigns.

Some of the names on the list, like the entertainment world's Stephen L. Bing, and philanthropist-builder-art patron Eli Broad, (labeled as real estate and retirement investment) are not surprises. (Bing is listed as a a Los Angeles screenwriter and producer and gave - wait for it -$52.5 million). Perhaps film producer and longtime activist Rob Reiner and wife Michelle Reiner, are not startling either.

Perhaps you in Orange County circles suspected Henry T. Nicholas III of Newport Coast and Broadcom, who gave $7.5 million between 2001 and 2011.

But how about #26 on the list, William E. Bloomfield, Jr., of Manhattan Beach?

And the organizations - guess the top one, which surprised us - had some interesting surprises, too - apart from utility, oil, gas companies and Native American tribes.

What about Clean Energy Fuels Corp. of Seal Beach, an energy and alternative fuels company that donated a whopping $18.9 million?

But we invite you to check out for yourself the impressive reporting job by the non-profit watchdog organization. Tell us in comments when you find someone local to you.


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