City Council Candidates Speak at Final Forum

The MB Chamber of Commerce hosted the final candidates forum. Remember to vote on March 5.

All six City Council candidates spoke at the Tuesday night forum sponsored by the Manhattan Beach Chamber of Commerce, however, one, Viet Ngo did not answer all of the questions put to the candidates.

Instead, Ngo attacked the entire proceeding, objecting to the gathering and voicing his hard-to-decipher concerns about the legality of the forum and election. In characteristic Ngo style, the government activist also spent time shooting video of the forum.

Put on by the Manhattan Beach Chamber of Commerce, the forum gave the candidates one final chance to be seen together answering the same questions put to each one of them.

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Do you plan to vote March 5th? Why or why not? Which candidate(s) are you supporting and why?

getting smelly February 27, 2013 at 03:56 PM
Ngo is literally scaring little old ladies away from attending these and City Council meetings. How does he get away with his tirades in public? He shoves his little camera in people's faces, runs around the room like a crazy person, accuses random people of heinous crimes, and sometimes yells wildly and swings his arms. He needs to be stopped.


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