The Kettle Celebrates 40 Years with Quarter Coffee, Free Muffins

The 24-hour restaurant is the stuff of legends.

The Kettle, a 24-hour downtown Manhattan Beach institution, celebrates 40 years Friday, offering a free muffin and 25-cent coffee as a nod to the old days, according to Sarah Simms, whose family has owned and operated the eatery since 1976.

Born and built in 1973 by Wally Botello, who sold the restaurant to the Simms clan when he went to launch Wally's Desert Turtle in Rancho Mirage, The Kettle has come to stand for something--it's a cherished slice of local lore and 24-hour fare in a community with a beachy casual vibe.

And, it's survived.

In interviews with the Beach Reporter and Easy Reader, Simms family members talk about the long-lived enterprise, its old days, its food, its culinary shifts and specialties, its regulars.



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