Delicious & Healthy Bikini Wraps

Healthy & Delicious Bikini Wrap
Healthy & Delicious Bikini Wrap

The Marine Street Cafe (MSC) Wants to Help People Get A Beach Body.


Restaurant offers Bikini Wrap Sandwiches replacing bread with gluten-free rice paper.


Manhattan Beach, California------ The Marine Street Cafe has continued its trend of offering healthy food by introducing the “bikini wrap” option for all of the restaurant’s sandwiches. This option provides a healthy alternative to bread which is high in carbohydrates as well as gluten, a substance that triggers allergic reactions in many individuals. The “Bikini Wrap” reduces the calories in a typical sandwich by a substantial margin.


Marine Street Cafe owner Skylar Tourigny recognized that a common New Years’ resolution is to eat better. The “bikini wrap,” helps her customers do this while dining out to the fresh ingredients and delicious food offered at the cafe.


The “Bikini Wrap” sandwiches are already a hit at the Marine Street Cafe with the Sky Burger and Chicken Banh mi emerging as early customer favorites.



About the Marine Street Cafe


Marine Street has a long and colorful history in Manhattan Beach. It was the original home of City Hall on the Strand in the 1920s and one of the two locations considered for the Manhattan Beach Pier. Marine Street is most famous for beach volleyball, but you can always find an abundance of surfers in the water and families hanging out on the beach.


The Marine Street Cafe serves meats and poultry that are grass fed and all natural with no antibiotics and no hormones. All of the produce served is certified organic or pesticide and spray free. MSC uses only natural and organic ingredients in their house made sauces and dressings. The Marine Street Cafe believes that you shouldn't have to sacrifice taste for quality. With its fresh, healthy and delicious fare, the Marine Street Cafe is enhancing the history of Marine Street.


For More information, contact: Mike Mena: 310-316-0612 or mike@ileanainternational.com




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