Final Day at the RNC

A few thoughts on the closing day of the 2012 RNC!

Thursday was the final day at the RNC and I watched the entire event on C-Span. 

The stories of Mitt Romney and his community outreach were heart-warming! He has been such a good friend to so many people.

I had not previously heard Marco Rubio speak at great length. While I don't agree with most of his statements, he's quite impressive and speaks well. He's clearly comfortable in front of a large audience. I'm sure that the Republicans are looking to him for more leadership.  

The Olympic medalists were certainly enthusiastic. Kim Rhodes made an interesting comment: "Women of America are a force to be reckoned with." In my personal quest to find common ground among our two parties, I must admit that I totally agree with that statement. Right now - in many conversations with men and women - everyone is discussing how we are addressing women's health issues that were already resolved decades ago. Women are concerned - but so are men who care about their mothers, sisters, wives, daughters and granddaughters. I believe that American women of all age will vote this year - to protect their right to make decisions about their health.  

The video montage of the Romney family was terrific. I hope you saw it. Most of the country that just gets basic channels totally missed it - but they saw Clint Eastwood.  

And, finally Governor Romney accepted his party's nomination. He seemed really comfortable while he was speaking. It was interesting to me that he commented about the Republican Party supporting the President. However, I recall Mitch McConnell saying that he had one goal - to stop the President and make sure that he only has 1 term as President. I don't understand people who say mean-spirited things like this. How would you feel if someone said that about you?

I am hopeful that we can evolve to a place in which we all support our President - whoever he/she is -  and if we disagree with a specific Presidential initiative, we will express our concerns in a civil manner. It's the President.

Next time - from Charlotte! 

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eric September 03, 2012 at 03:43 AM
It almost seems impossible to believe this review of the RNC was written in 2012. It is way too calm, lacking in any hysterics and fair-minded. Congratulations for showing that it is possible to disagree agreeably and retain an open mind.
Patricia Quagletti September 03, 2012 at 10:43 PM
Great review of last week's RNC convention. Mark Rubio and Paul Ryan knocked it out of the park; Mitt held his ground and looked and sounded polished, prepared, a little humorous and very much a leader. I respect his deep commitment to family values and community service. He's not a bad businessman either. I must also add how impressive Condelezza Rice's speech was; my 13 year old daughter who is s MBMS former student wants to vote for her for President one day; I thought that was interesting and might just happen in our life time. Bring on the DNC this week; can't wait:)


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