Voting - Historical Importance & 2012

Vote tomorrow!

Brave men (yes—no women) communicated in 1773-74 and traveled to Philadelphia to meet on Sept. 5, 1774. When they left their homes, they were fearful that they would be shot or hung as traitors to the British! They said “good-bye” to their families and thought that they might not ever return alive.

But they were audacious and persevered. They gathered together in Carpenter’s Hall in Philadelphia. The 55 representatives were from all of the 13 colonies except Georgia. The result of their meeting was a protest to the Crown of England for “Intolerable Acts.” The Crown didn’t respond, so the Second Continental Congress met and began the American Revolutionary War.

These are our roots and our collective history. Overtime, we have become more democratic—abolishing slavery and granting the right to vote to women and people of color, for example. And in spite of the urban legend that our nation consists of fierce independents, history informs us that our greatest moments have been created by people who came together to address a problem.

In every election, we should vote in honor of all those who contributed to this grand nation of ours. Personally, I remember the smart, brave Americans who founded our nation, fought to give women the right to vote in the late 1800s and early 1900s, dedicated their lives in the 1960s and 70s for Civil Rights, volunteer in communities throughout the US, and, of course, serve our country in the military.

We must all agree that each person’s vote is important—and counts! I have tried to maintain a broader perspective throughout this election season in this blog—addressing issues like the impact of wealth, etc.! 

But now it’s time to vote and this gets partisan. I am a Democrat. I am a social Liberal and support fiscal responsibility. And I don't always agree with what the Democrats say and do.  

This year, I am greatly concerned about women's rights.  And in this election I have phone banked for candidates and walked precincts.

I have studied the Voter Handbook and because some have asked, I will share how I will vote tomorrow:

President – Barack Obama

Senate – Dianne Feinstein

CD 33, House of Representatives – Henry Waxman

AD 66, State Assembly – Al Muratsuchi

Los Angeles County District Attorney - Jackie Lacey













County Measures

Measure A – Yes

Measure B – Yes

Measure J – Yes

Measure E – Yes

If you are registered to vote, please—please join me and remember to vote tomorrow. And if you are not registered to vote, I hope you will get registered to vote now—and vote in the next election.

And going forward, I hope to continue this effort—focusing on women's issues, monitoring the actions of all electeds in Sacramento and DC, supporting efforts to establish a constitutional amendment that will address Citizen's United, and...

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IAM November 06, 2012 at 04:42 PM
If you REALLY want change today, take Diane's "suggestions" and vote opposite on each candidated, proposition and measure. This sate need fiscal responsibility not more job draining taxes and feel good agenda's.
Diane Wallace November 06, 2012 at 05:39 PM
Thanks for your comment! My hope is to elevate our political discourse to a more thoughtful level. The issues were not listed in order of importance. However, women's issues have been under attack and we do constitute 51% of the population. I am greatly concerned about fiscal responsibility. Governor S. reduced our car license fees and provided us with an $8B deficit in CA. President Bush funded 2 wars that were not in the federal budget - on borrowed money - and the federal debt escalated. So yes - I don't want any of that to happen again in a Democratic or Republican administration. Hence my comment about monitoring what happens in Sacramento and Washington. I'm voting for President Obama because the next 4 years will make a difference in the next 30 or 40 years. And I'm voting for Congressman Waxman because he has a known history of working with Republicans and Democrats to pass legislation that has been in our best interests - clean air, clean water, no smoking on planes, not allowing the tobacco industry to advertise to children and youth - to name just a few!
Diane Wallace November 06, 2012 at 05:42 PM
Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I suggest that people read the Voter Handbook and make their own decision. Proposition 30 is very important. Since Gov. S started deferring 25% of the funds each year for school districts, the public schools have been underfunded. Imagine what you would do if your company decided to keep 25% of your salary so the bottomline would look better. Please vote "Yes" on 30.
Always Right November 06, 2012 at 06:53 PM
Amen to that!!!
Matt November 07, 2012 at 04:30 PM
IAM writes: "If you REALLY want change today, take Diane's "suggestions" and vote opposite on each candidated, proposition and measure. This sate need fiscal responsibility not more job draining taxes and feel good agenda's." Your "logic" and lack of the use of spell-check is probably why The California Republican Party is quickly becoming The California Irrelevant Party. Diane's Local Voice is very appreciated.


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