Blog: 10 Reasons to Shop Local

Shopping and dining with locally owned business makes our community stronger.

This was written by Royce, who owns a beautiful local business. Thought I would share. I really believe in this TOP 10 REASONS TO SHOP LOCAL!

10. lt feels good to KNOW the person who owns the shop rather than deal with a minimum wage student hating their part-time job!

9. Remember that pair of shoes you bought on line you thought would perfectly match your favorite red dress? And, when you opened the box (that took a week to arrive) they were actually burnt orange? Sometimes it's nice to actually see and feel what you're buying rather than clicking your mouse on it!

8. A penny spent locally is a penny used locally. The sales tax you pay shopping a small business pays people employed in your community, such as firefighters!

7. Local is the new black! Or is it the new green?

6. Small businesses are the backbone of this country, brick and mortar by brick and mortar!

5. A small business sells unique and quality merchandise ... it sure wouldn't survive long if it didn't!

4. You've heard the expression "Think globally, act locally"? That includes shopping!

3. Have you priced a gallon of gas lately? Sheesh! And, how much is your time worth to you?

2. Just by its very nature, small business owners really CARE! When was the last time anyone at a Big Box store knew your name or offered free gift wrapping!?! When was the last time you ever even SAW the owner of a large store??

And, drum roll, the number one reason to shop local: 1. Can you imagine a world where every store sells the same things?? EEEK!!

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Joel Cooper February 04, 2013 at 03:41 PM
Makes you really wonder about the intelligence level of our City Treasurer,David Cohn, driving all the way to East L.A. for a "massage" from some Craig"s list ad when he could have shopped any of our local licensed massage therapists and, kept the money and tax revenue local, saved gas ( staying green while saving money.) And, drum roll, the number one reason he should have stayed local: The licensed massage therapists here in Hermosa Beach are all cheaper than the unlicensed "massage" he drove to Maywood for. Showing that our "Treasurer" doesn't " treasure" or manage his OWN money very well, and cares little about the environment. So, staying local also makes one look like less of an idiot!
Tim Sole February 04, 2013 at 03:50 PM
Much more interesting is looking around at all the cars made outside of America and then saying buy local. California is just now beginning to see what the rest of America all ready knows, the global economy is nothing more than a sham to destroy the middle class.
Jeff Melodia February 04, 2013 at 04:09 PM
Local is wherever you are. The most positive effect you can have when you do shop or dine is to spend those dollars at a locally Owned place. They are more likely to source items locally themselves and contribute 3 to 1 more to the local economy They pay their employees more and give more (over 380% more) to charity. For every 2 jobs a national chain brings in 3 local jobs are lost. We all can make the difference.


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