"I find television to be very educating. Every time somebody turns on the set, I go in the
other room and read a book." -- Groucho Marx

CAN THERE BE A ROMNEY / BIDEN TICKET IN THE WHITE HOUSE...YOU ASK?If there is a tie and no one gets 270 Electoral votes, the House chooses the President and the Senate chooses the Vice President.

FOR THE THANKSGIVING DAY CALENDAR"bird is the word, word is the bird...!"THANKSGIVING DAY JOIN US FOR THE ANNUAL "THANKSGIVING SAND BOWL" @ 26TH ST BEACH.  Itinerary:11a - 1pm @ 26th street beach 2012 Sand Bowl football on the beachLET'S GET STUFFED!!!
For those of you who wanted to know more about TEDxManhattan Beach please google their website.  2012 TEDxManhattanBeach Conference
Theme: Journey to Purpose: Dream. Educate. Thrive.
Saturday October 13, 2012
The agenda, speakers and videos are posted.  Check out the 11-yr old cake artist.  Check out the middle school kid who develops aps and they are sold on itunes.  Check out the MCHS musicians and the MCHS ComedySportz Improv group.  Not to mention the inspiring adult speakers. 

If you know of a single woman in need of assistance in paying for their education PLEASE CHECK OUT THE BELOW OPPORTUNITY. Usually not many applicants and they want to give this money.  A little effort and who knows...nothing ventured, nothing gained.

The Manhattan Beach Soroptimist Club is offering several awards, from $500 to $1,000, to assist single, head of household women in paying for education programs.  The award was first established in 1972 to assist women who bear the primary financial responsibility for their family.  Awards are available from both the local club levels and our National Headquarters. We are writing to ask your help in identifying women, of any age, who should apply for these funds. 

FOR AN APPLICATION:  www.soroptimist.org

To add clarity, these are the requirements:

  1. The applicant must be currently enrolled in college, vocational, or other educational programs.
  2. The applicant must be the sole, or primary support of her family.  She can receive other assistance but she is responsible for the family.
  3. Applications (forms attached to this email) must be completed and returned by December 15, 2012.
  4. Each application must be accompanied by letters of reference.  There are also forms attached for references.  Please explain that the letters must come from teachers, professors, counselors or employers and NOT from friends or family members.

In past years, we've been surprised by the small number of applications.  We hope that, with your assistance, we will be able to reach more deserving women.  Please do call me with your questions or suggestions and I will be happy to support you with outreach to your contacts. 

Please share this information with any organization or individual that would benefit from this wonderful program.


Miriam Paige

Soroptimist, WOA Chairman

310-748-2600 cell



TRYING TO GET MY HS AND COLLEGE AGE KIDS TO REALIZE no one can make you do anything you do not want to do.  Life is all about choices.  Sometimes it is not a matter of just digging in your heels and saying no.  You have to outsmart them to keep your life under control. Manage the relationship.  If its peer pressure to do things illegal then tell them your parents and coaches are drug testing.  If its a fraternity taking you away from your studies then invent classes or labs that you need to attend so you can use the time for studying.  Learn to evaluate the people around you on what makes them a good leader or good role model.  If going the frat route are you meeting the leaders of the fraternity or just the knuckleheads rushing you.  Look for a frat with smart leaders. Life is all about choices and sweat equity. That is what will determine success. Path of immediate gratification is usually never the right choice unless there is an escape plan or you have taken care of business and can afford to be a littled reckless. Reckless abandon can be a good thing but you should have to earn it.  Geez, my kids got me going on this one.  LIGHTEN UP, MARK!  


MESSAGE BELOW FROM MCHS PRINCIPLE, BEN DALE, IN MUSTANG NEWSLETTER.  A recent anecdote of a coach mentoring good character BY EXAMPLE.  According to my frosh son, Graham, all the kids respect this guy.  NICE JOB, COACH!  As the new AD hopefully that will spill over to all of MCHS coaching.

We are Costa
If you have been reading along for the last two years you know I appreciate a good football metaphor.  This month I hope to take it to a new level.  Though he would not want me to do so, I'm going to tell a story about our athletic director and head football coach Don Morrow.  This past Friday I saw him do something during the game that I have never seen any coach do in any sport, at any level, ever.
It happened in the 4th quarter of last Friday's homecoming game win against Peninsula.  At the time we were ahead 14 points in a dramatic 2nd half comeback.  Peninsula was driving, though, and the game outcome was still in question.  Our defense jumped off sides on first down making it 1st and 5.  On second down we sacked their quarterback for a huge loss making it around 2nd and 25.  On third down they completed a pass making it 4th and 4.  Now within field goal range but in clear 4 down territory, they were likely going to go for a first down instead of punt or attempt a field goal.  The umpire set the ball but surprisingly the head official signaled, "First down - Mira Costa."  He gave us the ball! They must have counted the first down penalty as a play!
The Peninsula sideline and stands erupted.  Their head coach walked out onto the field and appealed to the head official.  I was on the sideline and unconsciously began to inch over near our coaches.  After a brief conversation with the Peninsula coach, the head official called over and conferred with all of the other referees on the field.  They talked for what seemed like forever.  During that time Coach Morrow turned to one of the boys keeping stats and asked, "What down do you have?"  The boy responded, "It's fourth down for them, Coach."  Don turned and walked part of the way out onto the field and continued to watch the referees conferring.  Finally the lead official stepped away from the rest and signaled - "First down - Mira Costa!"  They still gave us the ball!  The Peninsula coach wheeled and resigned to his sideline.  Anyone who knows sports knows that referees never reverse calls. 
But then Coach Morrow walked out onto the field.  He approached the head official and said something to him, to which the official responded, "Are you sure?"  Coach Morrow nodded and returned to our sideline.  As he did so, the head official reversed the call "fourth down - Peninsula."  I was amazed...stunned...floored. Normally head coaches in Coach Morrow's position will turn to his or her assistants, put up their hands and say, "Hey, we caught a break there."  Not Don.
After the game I broke my personal protocol and decided to speak to the players.  I told them this story and at the end said: "Don't ever forget what you saw from your coach here tonight.  We need more people like Coach Morrow in sports and in society.  He is a class act and runs a class organization.  That's why you are who you are."
The real lesson, and my point in sharing this story, came the next day.  I was talking to defensive coordinator Ray Lee at the homecoming dance, still reliving what occurred.  Coach Lee told me that it did not impact him the same way because after 20 years coaching with Don he had grown used to him doing things like that.  I'm thinking, "What?  This is the norm?" Then it occurred to me: we have great students, athletes, teachers, staff, and parents who do wonderful acts of courage, kindness, and class all of the time.  What Coach Morrow did is not the exception at Costa, it is the norm.  We are Costa.
Ben Dale, Ed.D. 
Mira Costa High School

DID YOU KNOW?HALLOWEEN IS NOT A CHEAP DATE!71.5% = people in the US who celebrated Halloween.$8-billion = amount that Americans were expected to spend on Halloween in 2012 - a 10% increase from last year.--  9 = number of times more often that "Paul Ryan shirtless" has been googled than "Paul Ryan budget" during the presidential campaign.

TOP TEN FOODS OF THE 2012 STATE FAIRS  (obesity problem, what obesity problem?)10. BIG Beef Rib - California State Fair

You'd think that a normal beef rib would contain enough animal flesh, but you would be wrong, and the California State Fair is here to prove it. They've jammed a giant 24-oz. steak ONTO a 17-inch beef rib bone. Why?! Because they can. 

9. Deep Fried Cotton Candy - Texas State Fair

We saw deep fried Kool-Aid and deep fried salsa at last year's state fairs, so we should have known that cotton candy couldn't be that far off. Pretty crazy, because it seems like the spun sugar would melt in the deep fryer. Life is full of mysteries. Not enough sweets for you? Don't worry, this treat is served by a frozen yogurt purveyor, so feel free to use these giant balls of fried sugar as a topping on your froyo. 

8. Outlaw Stacker - Eastern Idaho State Fair

We all know that french fries are a great base for all kinds of toppings, and the Eastern Idaho State Fair really took that idea and ran with it. The Outlaw Stacker is a huge pile of fries smothered in gravy, bacon, and a fried egg. The name rings true-health and nutrition are truly outlawed in this dish. And we're okay with that.

7. Camel Burger Sliders - Minnesota State Fair

Sliders are old news at the fairs these days, but not when they're made with camel meat. Is that even legal? Apparently so, and the Minnesota State Fair, the originator of the Breakfast Lollipop, makes camel legally delicious by smothering it in spicy mayo, white American cheese, and caramelized onions. Store THAT in your hump!

6. Bacon-Wrapped Eggs - Iowa State fair

If the best parts of breakfast are bacon and eggs, why have humans been eating them in separate bites for so long? Why not cram them all into one greasy mouthful? The Iowa State Fair said "challenge... accepted!" and solved this conundrum with their Bacon-Wrapped Eggs, miniature crumbled bacon pancake cups topped with egg and melted cheese. Oh yes, and wrapped in yet more bacon.

5. Porkabella - Oklahoma State Fair

Mushrooms? Blech, they're healthy! They don't belong at the fair! In the most cleverly named item on our list, the Oklahoma State Fair solved mushrooms' healthiness problem by stuffing them with gouda cheese, wrapping them in bacon and serving them on top of a pile of pretzels. Yup, that's the Porkabella.

4. Lamb Fries - Minnesota State Fair

Continuing their "weird meat" trend, Minnesota State Fair took the novelty to a whole new level with their Lamb Fries. The name of this dish implies fries made of lamb meat, which is inventive and questionable enough as it is, but let's clarify which type of lamb meat we're talking about: BALLS. Lamb balls. Lamb testicles marinated in spices and deep-fried in a crumb coating. Whoa.

3. Deep Fried Bacon Cinnamon Roll - Texas State Fair

Looks like combining breakfast items was a trend at the fairs this year. Bacon tastes great with sugar, and of course Texas capitalized on that with an extreme new indulgence. They started with a huge cinnamon roll, dipped it in a "special sweet pancake batter" (What makes it special? Everything!) deep fried said cinnamon roll, covered it in crispy bacon crumbles, and dumped a mountain of powdered sugar on top. Sounds like the breakfast of champions to us.

2. Fat Elvis On A Stick - Wisconsin State Fair

What is Elvis' ultimate legacy? Music that changed the world? Awesome hair? Dashing good looks? Nope, apparently it's the fact that he loved to gorge on peanut butter, banana, and bacon sandwiches. Wisconsin paid tribute to this with their latest on-a-stick creation, the Fat Elvis:  a peanut butter cup dunked in banana batter, then deep-fried, and served with bacon on top, of course. Heartbreak Hotel? More like Heart Attack Hotel, but we want to check in anyway.

1. Deep Fried Samoas - Texas State Fair

It should come as no surprise that the Texas State Fair: (a) made yet another showing in our list and (b) created the number one new fair food of 2012. It's common knowledge that Samoas are the best Girl Scout cookies, with their delicious coconutty, caramely, chocolatey goodness. Obviously the only way to improve upon these popular treats is to wrap them in wonton wrappers and then... all together now... deep fry them! And then top them with yet more toasted coconut, chocolate, and caramel. 

Oh America, our glorious land of excess. Thanks for the memories and the calories. Can't wait to see what we manage to deep-fry and cover with sugar in 2013.



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