11/11/11: What Does the Date Mean to You?

Today's date comes along once in a century. Some believe it's a divine day while others think it quite the opposite. Still others think it's a good day to find a boyfriend. What do you think?

Today is 11/11/11.

It’s a date that comes once in a hundred years. Unlike dates such as 10/10/10 or 09/09/09, which also only come once in a century, 11/11/11 is the only configuration that features a single number: 1. It is a binary number. 11 is a prime, and if you multiply 111111 by 111111, it equals a mathematical palindrome: 12345654321.

It’s also a date that has a lot of people all worked up. According to the Associated Press, people are planning to get married today (hopefully they made plans ahead of time because City Halls and Courthouses are closed today for Veterans Day) because of the day's symbolism. Parenting.com is reporting that mothers in Korea are scheduling c-sections in order for their babies to have lucky, memorable birthdays.

What makes 11/11/11 so special? Numerologists across the Internet would seem to be divided on its import. Many cite it as a spiritually meaningful day, one that can be a transcendental bridge, allowing one to achieve a higher state of enlightenment and psychic human resonance.

Others claim it is a date of evil. They predict bad luck and tragedy, citing the Sept. 11 attacks and the March 11 Japanese earthquake and tsunami last year.  A new film creatively titled 11.11.11 will be released to capitalize on the dread that some associate with the date.

But can a date bring good or bad luck? After exhaustive research conducted from my couch, I found irrefutable proof that 11/11/11 is, indeed, a good day. Proof positive that 11/11/11 has special power comes from none other than the Orange County Transportation Authority. For the first time in a great while (100 years?), the agency has promised not to cause any freeway or road closures along the 405/22/605 freeways today.

So take that as an omen and do what everyone on twitter is begging you to do: make a wish on 11/11/11 at 11:11 a.m. or p.m.

In the meantime, here is a collection of twitter nonsense about 11/11/11 from a wide collection of Justin Bieber fans and even from Cloris Leachman, the actress who replaced Mrs. Garret on ‘Facts of Life.’

  • brendlewhat writes: Tomorrow is 11/11/11 also known as Human Beings are Ridiculously Obsessed With Arbitrary and Inevitable Number Symmetry Day
  • singlestrugglin writes: SingleGirlStruggles: Maybe since tomorrow is 11/11/11...the world will give me a boyfriend.
  • Speakslove writes: Tomorrow is 11/11/11, a baby that will born on this same day, date & year, will be the LUCKIEST baby ever!
  • justinsdougie writes: Tomorrow is 11/11/11 I will take my time and remember those brave soldiers who gave up everything to protect us. They are all inspirations.
  • ZombieRiot writes: Tomorrow is 11/11/11, but I can't wait for 12/12/12; so we can finally be done with hearing about these meaningless dates.
  • iTweetFacts: writes: Tomorrow is 11/11/11, also known as palendri-cal phenomenon which happens 14 times a century.
  • crazyGFprobz writes: tomorrow is #11/11/11. i don't care if it's not our anniversary, i expect something romantic to happen.
  • mkasante writes: Tomorrow is 11/11/11, the 180th Anniversary of Nat Turner's Execution
  • SelGomezJBieber writes:Tomorrow is 11/11/11 - it comes once every 100 year, so this isprobably the first and last one you'll see.. - enjoy it
  • Cloris_Leachman Tomorrow is 11/11/11 so I'll be making a wish at 11:11 for 11 seconds on the 11th floor w/11 tigers... wait, my head hurts.
  • TeamFollowWacky writes: I hate the American way of writing the date. Tomorrow is 11/11/11, not 11/11/11!
  • chronic writes:look at me I'm a European I'm going to make a joke about how tomorrow is"11/11/11 not 11/11/11 LOL" aren't I hilarious and original guys?
  • TheRealPsanders writes: Tomorrow is 11/11/11...don't waste your wish, it only happens once EVER in history...no pressure or anything.
  • nspaff writes: Nothing exciting is going to happen just because tomorrow is 11/11/11. Don't get your panties in a bunch
  • BieberSwaggin06 writes: Tomorrow is 11/11/11 and of course my wish will be Bieber related.


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