Poll: Have Your 3rd-Row SUV Seats Been Stolen?

Third-row seats are a popular item for thieves, including those scouting SUVs in Manhattan Beach. Why do you think that is?

Police in Van Nuys aren't the only ones who have taken reports of thrid-row seats in SUVs being stolen. 

The theft of third-row SUV seats has happened in Manhattan Beach, according to city reports.


Third-row seats don't have identifying information inscribed on them and are easily sold at swap meats or via private party deals. In fact, an SUV owner whose third-row seats were stolen could even be unwittingly buying back their stolen seats without knowing or being able to prove it, say police.

SUV owners are advised to lock their third-row seats with cable locks, engrave them with identifying information or remove and leave at home.

What do you think of how popular third-row seats have become for thieves? 

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