Resident Spotlight: Terri Davis

What's on your mind, Manhattan Beach?

Name: Terri Davis.

Occupation: Retired. 

How long have you lived in Manhattan Beach? 20 years.

What is the city's most important issue? "Highland Avenue is so bumpy, it makes my house shake. I've got all these new cracks in my house because of when that drain went out on 21st Street, and they spent a year repairing it. They left all these patches in the street. And ever since then, when the buses come by and hit the bumps, the whole house shakes. And it was not that way when I first moved in here. But they're supposed to redo Highland in the next few months, so then I'll be happy."

What would you change about Manhattan Beach if you could? "I wish they had more parking lots so that it would be more accessible to the general public."

Where is your favorite place in town to eat, shop or relax? "Starbucks and The Kettle."

Describe Manhattan Beach in three words:
"Beautiful, sunny and blue."


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