Hermosa Beach Prepares for Stanley Cup Parade

Hermosa Beach city officials and staff are preparing for Monday's parade, during which the Stanley Cup will be prominently featured. Will you be there?

Just one day after the Los Angeles Kings secured the team's first Stanley Cup in franchise history, Hermosa City Councilman Howard Fishman made a special announcement at the beginning of the June 12 city council meeting.

"How about those Kings?" he asked the audience, which responded with enthusiastic applause.

"I would like to see if there is a way we can get that Cup and some of our resident Kings players to come to a City Council meeting where we can officially recognize them," he said.

With the help of the Hermosa Beach Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Bureau, it looks like Fishman's wish will come true as the Stanley Cup and Kings center Jarret Stoll will make a public appearance during a rally Monday morning at Pier Plaza in Hermosa Beach, the chamber announced Thursday.

"It is kind of unique to be able to do something here so soon after the Cup and give fans a chance to see it up close," Matt Bennett of the Hermosa Beach chamber told Patch. "The main part about the day is going to be the Cup being there for the public."

Chamber officials do not expect the event to draw the estimated 250,000 people who attended the Kings parade held three days after the championship in downtown Los Angeles. "It is not going to be like Staples ... We are not anticipating anything like that," said Bennett.

To deal with the potential crowds from the event, the Hermosa Beach Police Department is adding four extra patrol officers to its normal Monday staffing, according to Sgt. Landon Phillips.

As of Friday morning, Phillips did not know that the Stanley Cup would be driven on The Strand from Pier Plaza north to the Manhattan Beach border, but he was aware of its transport in a fire truck down Pier Avenue to Pier Plaza.

Parade plans call for the Stanley Cup to ride in a fire truck from upper Pier Avenue to Pier Plaza, where a ceremony will take place. Hermosa Beach City Council members and chamber officials will then make a presentation to Kings' player Jarret Stoll, who lives in Hermosa. 

Following the presentation, Stoll will ride with the Stanley Cup in a convertible north on The Strand to the border with Manhattan Beach, according to Bennett.

As for parking, paradegoers will have to fend for themselves.

Unlike the twice-a-year Fiesta Hermosa, special parking arrangements will not be offered and parking rules will be enforced. 

"Parking enforcement will be doing that [monitoring and enforcing parking rules] to the best of their ability considering the other busy-ness that they will be invaded with," said Phillips.

Pier Plaza is home to several bars and restaurants known for their popularity with young adults. Phillips said that enforcement of laws regarding public intoxication won't be any different the day of the parade.

"There won't be any difference in the enforcement of that [public intoxication], that is always done as needed," Phillips said. "The focus of the officers for this detail will be for the crowd and any security issues." 

The parade won't be the first time the Cup has been in Hermosa.

Just hours after the Kings clinched the championship, players took the Cup to , a place many Kings players are known to hang out.

Last Sunday, Manhattan Beach resident and Kings player Anze Kopitar took the Cup on to the sand around First Street in Manhattan Beach, near the Hermosa border.

Todd Van Trester June 24, 2012 at 05:57 PM
I am ready to closely follow the pending Rape charges also Hermosa Beach related. This is overkill of the highest magnitude and because a bunch of millionaires did the job that pays them more in a year than my parents and grandparents combined working their butts off, the overkill that LA did more than satisfied ANY obligation ANY city had. Their bank accounts are the reward. But Hermosa needs to further push Pier Avenue and since that is the area where the most young ladies begin their quest fo be on virgins, its very appropriate. A parade to honor all the hard working folks currently struggling to make ends meet is a much better idea. The last time I saw a Kings Player in Hermosa at was on Peir plaza comlementing a coed from USC on her breasts, on a Tuesday night around 1:22 am. LA can have all the parades they want, Did you know the paradein West Hollywood a few days before downtown LA out drew the Kings by 250K.
John Locke June 25, 2012 at 02:08 AM
If you don't like it, don't go. And if you object to the whole underlying idea of professional hockey players being paid what the market will bear for their services, you shouldn't live in the town in which an overwhelming majority of the roster lives. Indeed, you shouldn't live in a state, region, or country in which this form of capitalism prevails. I'd recommend China, but they're not exactly a paragon of proletarianism either. Perhaps if you intend to remain in this country, you should also consider taking an English class, a typing class, or both.
john June 25, 2012 at 05:58 AM
Nicely said John! You could have just said " shut up you little sniveler cry baby"
Jake Rome June 25, 2012 at 08:23 AM
Way to slay that strawman, "John Locke." You're as classy as your demands are rational.


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