iPhone 5 Stolen in Manhattan Village Parking Lot

The robbers use force to steal the just purchased phone the first day of its release to the public. The victim had just bought the phone at the Apple Store inside the mall.

A man who had just bought a new iPhone 5 in the Apple Store was robbed of it by gunpoint in a parking lot of Manhattan Village last Friday around 2 p.m., said Detective Michael Rosenberger of the Manhattan Beach Police Department. 

The victim was robbed in a parking lot just west of Islands Restaurant by two black male adults thought to be 18-20 years old. One man was 5', 10", 150-170 pounds; the other 5', 9", 130-140 pounds, said Rosenberger.

The two suspects approached the man near his car, engaged him in conversation and then one man put a gun in the victim's side, demanding the phone.

The two men were seen leaving in a four-door black BMW 7 Series sedan.

Anyone with information about this crime should contact MBPD Detective Michael Rosenberger at 310-802-5127.


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