Nightclub at 705 Closes

After a weekend fight at the club, management voluntarily shuts it down, then the police chief cites a code to shutter it as well. The restaurant remains open for business. Find out what's going to happen to the nightclub.

After yet another episode that involved police at Club 705 on Pier Avenue last Saturday morning, club management opted to voluntarily close the nightclub portion of the enterprise, leaving the restaurant open for business, according to multiple sources that include media and the interim Hermosa Beach police chief.

Hermosa Beach police are still investigating the latest incident at the business, in which many people were reportedly involved in a fight. Someone involved in the incident also reported that someone pointed a gun at them, according to a newspaper account.

In response to the commotion caused by patrons spilling out of the business, more Hermosa police officers were called to the location. These officers saw fighting and people running out of the club, said interim HB Police Chief Steve Johnson.

According to Johnson, several 705 patrons were seen running to a commercial bus parked in the vicinity during the incident.

The interim police chief told local media that an officer smelled the odor of pepper spray and that police officers then began to disperse the group, employing pepper spray against a combatant, who managed to escape into the crowd.

HBPD was later contacted by a patron who said a pistol had been pointed by an unknown subject. HBPD has not located the person who allegedly pointed the firearm, said Johnson.

Due to the incident and six other violent incidents this year at the club, Johnson ordered the nightclub closed under Hermosa Beach Municipal Code 17.40.080, section C, announcing his action at Tuesday’s planning commission meeting. Club management had already decided to voluntarily shutter the nightclub, he said.

Johnson told Patch that the HB Planning Commission "has the authority to recommend a  hearing regarding the 705 Club" and that the business could be prevented from reopening or be subject to changes in its Conditional Use Permit. 

A Leadership Hermosa Beach event scheduled for the nightclub apparently has been changed to Saint Rocke, Johnson said.

Club 705 will have a public hearing before the planning commission on Jan. 15 and is unlikely to reopen before then, said City Manager Tom Bakaly.

Bob Atkins October 18, 2012 at 05:51 PM
The 705 club is just one strange place. I thought it had been closed for years because that's what it looks like from the outside. A neglected and vacant property. I can't say that it will be missed thought it sure would be nice if it was turned into a nice place. Since it hasn't seemed to flourish as a restaurant/club maybe it would make more sense as retail space.
Heidi Fernandez October 18, 2012 at 06:33 PM
I live very near this establishment and it's a very sketchy operation and the kind of atmosphere that I do not want in my neighborhood. If you Yelp both Club 705 and Zen Lounge, you'll get a good idea of what this business is all about. Now I know why the Von's parking lot is so sketch after 9pm!!
Gretchen Kix October 18, 2012 at 07:08 PM
I couldn't be happier. Living across the street from the place since the day it opened has been hell. Several years ago several patrons from 705 were fighting outside my bedroom window at 2 a.m. I went outside and told them to them. While walking back to my front door, a female patron shoved me to the ground and pepper-sprayed me. I called the paramedics who assisted in hosing my face and eyes for 15 minutes. My right wrist was broken. At what did 705 do? They offered me a free dinner. Not in a million years, Xavier! I will always hate your type of business.
matt hoffman October 20, 2012 at 01:54 AM
What kind of sleaze bag place attracts patrons that carry pepper spray? Then they spray it at someone telling them to quiet down? Sounds like ghetto trash. Re-purpose that place.


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