Police Still Investigating Marine Ave. Park Stabbings

One victim was not able to identify the suspect in a photo line-up; the other has yet to view the line-up. MBPD has sent the incident to RBPD in case there is any relation to the recent Galleria stabbings.

The suspect believed to have stabbed two men who found him puncturing tires in the parking lot of Marine Avenue Park late the night of Dec. 26 is described as a black male between the ages of 25 and 30, 5',10" to 6' tall, weighing 160-165 pounds, with black hair, said Detective Michael Rosenberger of the Manhattan Beach Police Department. 

The man is thought to be a transient, said the detective.

The two men who were stabbed were playing indoor racquetball at the park. When they went to one of the men's cars, they found the supect puncturing its tires. When confronted, the suspect slashed and stabbed one man and stabbed the other, said Rosenberger.

Both men declined treatment at the scene, said police.

The suspect apparently left behind some identifying information and MBPD now has a photo to go with that identification. The identification indicates the man is from out of state.

One of the two victims was unable to positively identify the suspect in a photo line-up, said Rosenberger, who will conduct a photo line-up with the other victim. 

Rosenberger said it's not unusual for a victim to not positively identify a suspect in a photo line-up, saying photo line-up identifications are just one aspect of most investigations, not the be all, end all. 

The incident and its information have been sent to Redondo Beach police in case there is a connection to the recent stabbing of two teenagers at the South Bay Galleria. Rosenberger said a connection is unlikely.

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  • Previously: 2 Teens Stabbed at South Bay Galleria


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