Suspect Flees Target; Goes Wrong Way on MB Blvd.

An area surrounding Meadows Ave. and Manhattan Beach Blvd. was closed Thursday night sometime after 9:10 p.m. as MBPD pursued and caught the suspect and conducted an investigation while MB firefighters cleaned up vehicle fluids and treated the suspect.

A burglary suspect fled Target Thursday night, shutting down an area around Manhattan Beach Boulevard and Meadows Avenue as police pursued and captured the suspect, said Police Officer Stephanie Martin public information officer for the Manhattan Beach Police Department.

The suspect, who allegedly entered Target around 9 p.m. with the intent to steal, fled on a motorcycle heading eastbound on the side of the street meant for westbound traffic on Manhattan Beach Boulevard, "laid the bike down" in an attempt to avoid a head-on collision and fled on foot. The bike did collide with the vehicle, however, the driver of that vehicle was not injured, Martin reported.

An area where the collision and suspect capture took place was closed down for about 90 minutes as police investigated and the Manhattan Beach Fire Department cleaned up the fluids at the vehicle accident scene and treated the suspect for "scrapes and bruises." He was transported to Harbor General Hospital and then released to MBPD for booking.

The suspect faces a felony charge of burglary and a misdemeanor charge of hit and run since no one other than the suspect was injured in the vehicle incident, said Martin.


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