The View from MB: A 6-Man Saturday

Police report eight arrests connected to the beach volleyball event that is known for its costumed players and party scene.

As of press time, the Manhattan Beach Police Department is reporting eight arrests related to the beach volleyball tournament is that taking place on the beach, south of the pier.

Officer Claudia McShane told Manhattan Beach Patch that most of the eight arrests were alcohol related.

MB Patch reporters, photographers and videographer were at the event as early as 7:30 a.m., and reports will be filed this weekend.

At about 11 a.m., MB Patch saw a police officer speaking to three women in the Vons parking lot. A 1.5 liter bottle of Seagrams was on the pavement about 10-15 feet away.

One of the women poured the bottle's contents out in front of the officer, who hailed a taxi cab for the women.

While at Coffee Bean, around 1 p.m., a woman popped her head out of the restroom to say she was sorry for the delay but that she was helping a sick friend who was drunk and vomiting.

After the two women finally left the restroom, it was marked as out of order.

Manhattan Beach Boulevard was jampacked with people heading down the sidewalk to the beach. Many were waiting in line to enter Hennessey's Tavern, Sharks Cove and Simmzy's.

Starbucks downtown was closed. A sign said they had plumbing problems.

Manhattan Avenue was busy, particularly in the first three blocks south of MB Boulevard.The sidewalks were so crowded, some of us took to the street to make our way south. A vehicle whose driver hadn't obeyed the posted signs was towed.

Fonz' restaurant had a sign saying they were having a private event.

Side Out had a party, going on, too.

A line snaked out of Mucho.

Parties were being held on patios and inside homes on The Strand and walkstreets, as well as Manhattan Avenue. Kegs and ice were being delivered and some men were pouring beer into coolers on Ocean Drive. Going south on Ocean, parking valets were waiting.

Porta potties could be found on Ocean every so many blocks and were being used.

Volleyball players, dressed in a wide variety of fun and festive costumes, hit the beach for competition and afterward retreated inland for fun.

They high-fived each other and hugged friends.

Stay tuned. Manhattan Beach Patch will have more reports.

Gerry O'Connor July 31, 2011 at 08:13 PM
Kathy Sena's comments only begin to decribe the imminent disasters the 6 Man sadly now brings to town. At 7 p.m. Sat. I witnessed visibly drunk folks regularly stumbling into traffic on Manhattan Ave. and MB Blvd., two firetrucks and two MB police cars tending to problems at a house party in ~ the 900 block of Manhattan Av., and a drunk reveler so fixated on crossing the street to Simmzy's that he stumbled right in front of my moving car, mid-block on MB Blvd. Shark's Cove had techno rock blasting in obvious violation of the noise ordinance, and just up the hill was a car pulled over on MB Blvd. surrounded by Hawthorne, Gardena and MB police cars. Despite the great tourney play that unquestionably still exists, the model for this event remains severely and dangerously broken. From what I personally witnessed on just one brief, early evening drive by, I sincerely fear the post-event reports from our public safety staff. Then there is the issue of cost to the taxpayers. The 2010 event was first erroneously declared a break-even, then reports of costs varied, ultimately settling at a cost of ~ $50-60K. Then, just a few weeks ago, staff blindsided Council with estimated costs of $100-150K for this year's event, with no plan to address this unbudgeted taxpayer expense. Everyone loves beach volleyball, and many have a special place in their heart for the incomparable legacy of Charlie Saikley and our historic 6 Man tournament. But folks - it's time for change.
George stephonopolus August 01, 2011 at 02:27 AM
How much revenue is brought in for the downtown businesses? Embrace and work on ways to control and profit from a situation in which thousands of potential customers flock to the community. Put on your thinking caps instead of pointing out the obvious problems. Add in tax revenue generated when determining the financial impact. What happens to downtown bars and restaurants bottom line if the event goes away? Tax the homeowners renting out their strand homes. Require permits for private parties. The list goes on...
Duke Noor August 01, 2011 at 07:00 PM
Tax, Tax, Tax, fees, assessments, permits ... enough already. The local businesses already pay enough in taxes and we're demeaned recently when the parking meter rate where raised considerably. It's a FREE beach, protected for RECREATIONAL uses. Don't ruin it with your "controls and profits" east of the Strand.
Duke Noor August 01, 2011 at 07:14 PM
Totally agree with Gerry (above) the winds of change have gone against the 6man. Although very well organized with low, see through fences and barriers and lots of security, the fact of the large, excitable and mostly intoxicated crowd raises huge concerns for the chance of another one in 2012. Hopefully, no one was seriously injured leaving the scene on Saturday Night. I live in Hermosa Beach on Highland and when the event let out, the "parade" of scantly clad, intoxicated young ladies (and guys) was unbelievable. It was like living on the Strand !!! The post script to this one may not be favorable, but us locals will see.
Gerry O'Connor August 02, 2011 at 05:45 PM
Even if it made sense (which it absolutely does *not*), no amount of city revenue would justify the mayhem or adequately address the safety concerns now associated with the 6 Man tourney and it's 60-70,000 alcohol-infused attendees (a number that now increases annually). But then, the previous poster probably knows this, since he/she chose to remain anonymous (and butcher 'Stephanopoulos' in the process). Oh -- and by the way ... when considering downtown revenue, be sure to deduct the costs to the many businesses that now choose to CLOSE (on what would otherwise be a peak business summer weekend) because the 6 Man crowds are so problematic.


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