ESPD to Reconstruct Collision; Has Eye Witness Accounts

The El Segundo Police Department is handling the investigation and will reconstruct the collision. MBPD Officer Tony Presgraves remains in ICU and the other vehicle driver has been released from the hospital.

An investigation into a two-vehicle collision that involved an on-duty Manhattan Beach Police Officer Wednesday night could take four to six months, according to Lieutenant Carlos Mendoza of the El Segundo Police Department. ESPD is handling the investigation.

"It [the amount of time] depends on how backed up our accident investigator is," said Lt. Mendoza, adding that there are two fatal accidents the department is investigating.

ESPD plans to reconstruct the collision. 

"In order for you to get a true picture, you need to reconstruct the approach [of the police car] from Eighth Street to the point of collision straight through to Tenth Street [where the other vehicle ended up]," Lt. Mendoza said.

Lt. Mendoza said MBPD Officer Tony Presgraves was northbound on Sepulveda Boulevard responding to a call when the collision occurred. The 24-year-old driver of the Honda CRV was going east on Ninth Street, he said.

There are eye witnesses who saw the collision. Rick Alves, a Manhattan Beach resident who went to see what happened after hearing a loud noise, said the two vehicles had to have been moving at pretty high speeds based on the vehicle damage he saw.

"It [the police car] didn't look good," said Lt. Mendoza, adding that the damage to the other vehicle, a Honda CRV, was "severe" and that it was "up to the insurance company" to determine whether or not the Honda could be salvaged or was totalled.

MBPD Captain Derrick Abell said Friday the collision was still under investigation and the status of the police car "hasn't been determined yet."

ESPD has obtained all of the evidence from the collision scene, according to Lt. Mendoza, who said MBPD asked ESPD to conduct the investigation because of the damage involved and the injuries to the police officer and other driver.

As of Friday afternoon, MBPD Officer Tony Presgraves was stable with no significant change to his condition. Officer Presgraves has been in the intensive care unit of a local hospital since the collision. He is expected to make a full recovery, according to a press release.

The press release also reported that the female driver "was not seriously injured and has been released from the hospital."

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