Apply to be Included on Surfer's Walk of Fame

The city will induct new members in April. Applications must be turned in by Thursday, Feb. 7, 6 p.m. Details and downloadable applications here.

Surfers can nominate themselves or be nominated by others for the city of Hermosa Beach's 2013 Surfer’s Walk of Fame.

Applications are due by 6 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 7 and can be downloaded or picked up at the city's Community Resources Department located at 710 Pier Avenue.

The application asks for information such as surf contest participation, surfing awards received, any press clippings or media coverage, special skills, experiences or qualifications, references, work experience and certificates, licenses, and/or memberships in professional associations.

The Surfer's Walk of Fame, which began in 2003, is located on the Hermosa Beach Pier and includes the placement of each inductee's name engraved on a bronze plaque embedded on the pier.

The induction ceremony will take place on April 6 at 11 a.m. on the Hermosa Beach Pier.

Previously inducted members on the walk include

  • Hap Jacobs
  • Greg Noll
  • Dale Velzy
  • Dewey Weber
  • Mike Purpus
  • Bing Copeland
  • Rick Stoner
  • Doc Ball
  • Mary Kerwin Riehl
  • Hop Swarts
  • Fred Kerwin
  • Leroy Grannis
  • John Kerwin
  • Jim Bailey
  • Ted Kerwin
  • Jim Kerwin
  • Bill Edgar
  • Ed Edgar
  • Al Holland
  • Bob Bacon
  • Paul Matthies
  • Ward Baker
  • Cliff Tucker
  • Phil Becker
  • Eddie Talbot
  • Dru Harrison
  • Linda Benson
  • Sonny Vardeman
  • Bob Meistrell
  • Bill Meistrell
  • John Joseph
  • George Freeth
  • Darryl Dickie
  • Chris Bredesen
  • Mary Setterholm
  • Mike “Bones” Bright
  • John Baker 
  • John Whitney Guild
  • Alf Laws
  • Mike Stevenson
  • Donald Takayama
  • Henry Ford
  • Jeff “Peff” Eick
  • Robert Hogan
  • Donald Craig
  • Tiger Makin
  • Tom Rice
  • Richard “Fox” Mobley
  • Steve Wilkings
  • Mark Levy
  • Wally Bennett
  • “Tulie” Clark
  • Douglas Craig
  • John Dominis
  • Mark Kauffman
  • Joseph P. Kerwin
  • Art Rogers
  • Olin “Olie” L. Scrivens Jr.
  • Toby Erlinger
  • Bev Morgan
  • Patrick O’ Connor
  • Rosemari Reimers-Rice


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