Be Prepared for Downed Power Lines, Gas Leaks, More

A free public meeting Wednesday night will present vital information on how to handle utilities safely when a disaster strikes.

Ever since two women trying to help a man who crashed his vehicle into a hydrant and knocked down a live electric wire in Valley Village in August were electrocuted and died, George Butts has wanted to deliver safety information to the public.

Thanks to his perseverance and determination, the City of Manhattan Beach and the Manhattan Beach Emergency Response Team Association (MBCERTA), of which Butts is president, are offering a free public meeting on "Utility Safety in the Event of an Emergency" on Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. at the Joslyn Community Center, 1601 Valley Drive, Manhattan Beach.

Representatives from Southern California Edison, the Gas Company and the city's Public Works Department will discuss what to do when coming across downed electrical wires, gas leaks and potential water hazards. These individuals will also be on hand to answer questions so that you can learn how to best protect yourself and others during an emergency or disaster.

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