Centennial Expenses Exceed Available Funds

City staff wants City Council to approve nearly $35,000 to cover expenses associated with the city's centennial. Outstanding expenses include electrical costs for and pressure washing after the Taste of Manhattan Beach event and centennial banners.

City staff is asking City Council to approve $34,802.08 in "City incurred expenses" for past meetings and events of the centennial committee at its Tuesday, June 5 meeting, according to a staff report.

The city so far has spent and paid for $21,191.69 [an amount that does not cover city staff time nor earlier centennial work provided by a contractor] in costs related to the city's centennial events.

The city previously funded and paid $34,645 to a city contractor who provided "start-up support" for centennial activities in 2010. In December, 2011, City Council approved $169,603 of staff time to support the centennial committee. 

According to a staff report, the expenses city staff wants council to cover include "invoiced electrical costs and pressure washing of the street and Civic Center for the Taste [Manhattan Beach] event [held March 25] that had not been received and bus transportation for the bands in the parade [the parade was held May 19].

"The majority of the other costs are for refreshments for Centennial meetings, Centennial banners along Sepulveda Boulevard and downtown, and electrical upgrades on 13th Street between Valley/Morningside. Seeing that the Foundation has very little money, staff recommends that the City approve these expenses as City costs towards the Centennial."

The Centennial Foundation has approximately $3,400 in available funds, according to a staff report.

The foundation is registered as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and was formed to raise funds and plan and execute centennial events via the centennial committee.


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