Christmas Tree Collection Schedule

Trees are being picked up on your normal trash collection day. Be sure to remove all lights, tinsel, ornaments and metal stands, and cut your tree into six-foot pieces.

Waste Management, the city's waste hauler, will be collecting Christmas trees on a customer's regular trash collection day until Jan. 13, according to a recent mailer.

Discarded trees, with all lights, tinsel, ornaments and metal stands removed, should be placed next to the customer's carts and must be less than six feet or cut into six-foot pieces.

Waste collection and street sweeping in MB are on their regular schedules, so be sure to put your carts out on your normal collection day and remember to move your vehicle before a street is scheduled to be swept.

Liz Spear January 04, 2012 at 04:26 AM
Hi Gary, I'll ask WM why the six-foot limit and need to remove tinsel, lights, ornaments, tree stands... In years past, WM has always done a fine job of picking up Christmas trees. I'll see what details I can get and pass them along to readers. Thanks!
Gary Osterhout January 04, 2012 at 03:48 PM
Thanks, Liz. I think they have done a good job, too. But a subtext to the above is that often these programs are written up in Patch like they are gratutious on the part of Waste Management and subject to their dictates, rather than them being a stipulated program under the waste franchise agreement (where poor performance would certainly impact the next contract award). Other programs mentioned in WM's franchise agreement that seem to now require performance are an annual shred day, an annual curbsite textile/clothing program, 5 community shoe donation collection events, and an annual Halloween costume donation/exchange event. Also, it appears from the 3/1/11 contract award that 3 months each year WM is to randomly assess residential recycling carts and provide a reward to customers whose recycling containers have less than 5% contamination.
Vickie Wippel January 04, 2012 at 06:54 PM
Happy New Year from all of us at Waste Management. Holiday trees are an important part of our recycling program in Manhattan Beach, and if they are placed at the curb correctly, they can help the City significantly increase its diversion rate. To answer questions regarding Holiday trees: 1. The tree need to be less than 6 feet tall so that one driver can pick it up and place it in the collection vehicle. 2. Trees with ornaments, lights, or tinsel cannot be recycled, so we ask that residents remove those items before placing them out at the curb. Trees with ornaments, tinsel, etc. will be collected, but cannot be recycled. Regarding all of our other new programs in the current contract, many residents have already taken advantage of new programs such as our first Shred Event last October, our new Reusable Lunch Box program we began in August, and our first Halloween Costume Re-use program last October. I encourage readers to visit our website, manhattanbeach.wm.com, or review their December bill insert, where we provide additional information on upcoming events, such as the 2012 Shred Event, and upcoming facility tours. Waste Management and the City are also rolling out new programs this year, such as the Green Business Certification program, and the Residential Clean Cart Challenge. Please be on the look out for information on all of these exciting programs!
Lindsay Tredent January 13, 2012 at 05:21 AM
Hi, we left our tree outside for collection today and it was not picked up. How should we dispose of it? Please advise.
Liz Spear January 13, 2012 at 03:56 PM
Hi Lindsay, I'd recommend calling Waste Management's customer service at (310) 830-7100. They've always been responsive to requests when I've called. Let me know if your tree isn't picked up. I can make some contacts then but do try customer service first. Thanks for your question, and thanks for reading MB Patch. Have a wonderful day.


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