City to Hold Public 6-Man Meeting

Police Chief Eve Irvine and Parks and Recreation Director Richard Gill host a community meeting to gather input and feedback on the event that attracts problematic behavior.

Manhattan Beach residents and business owners are encouraged to participate in a meeting about the effects of the International Surf Festival's Charlie Saikley 6-Man beach volleyball tournament. 

The meeting will be held from 6-8 p.m. on Wednesday, Aug. 24 at Joslyn Center, 1601 N. Valley Drive. 

Said City Manager Dave Carmany, "This meeting was organized in response to comments received at the last City Council meeting; several residents and property owners complained about the event/attendees. It will be an informal meeting chaired by the [police] chief to harvest additional concerns and talk about the city's response to events and management of the 6-Man."

The 2011 6-Man was held on Saturday and Sunday, July 30 and 31, on the sand south of the Manhattan Beach Pier and brought about 70,000 people to the downtown MB area.

While play on the sand has been tamed down through the enforcement of stricter rules [no alcohol], young adults, adults and underage youths invade the downtown area, drinking heavily at bars, restaurants, and on public and residential property. Inebriated, these individuals frequently become ill, throwing up in the residential neighborhoods, urinating in public and other unsavory behavior.

The Manhattan Beach Police Department uses all of its available staff to control the crowds and keep the public safe. The 2010 tournament was about $50,000 in the red due to the increase in on-duty police officers. As of posting time, the cost of the 2011 tournament is undetermined but initial estimates in June put it at $100,000 in the red.

MBPD made some 35 arrests this year and about 30 in 2010. In 2009 and years prior, when the entire police department was not used, the tournament averaged six to ten arrests, according to former Police Chief Rod Uyeda.

The tournament is a cherished MB event, with 51 years to its name. The Simmzy's/Becker's team won the 2011 tournament, knocking out three-peat champs Team Smack [aka Magnum].

Duke Noor August 24, 2011 at 04:34 AM
Charile Saikley would roll in his grave. I knew him very well. He would never want his name on this Tourney the way it is now. Of course, change is inevitable, but this event is very concerning to those that live here. Improvements on the sand were surely noticed, but the party just moved east of The Strand into many homes that were temporarily "rented". Back to the beach: the security was excellent and the non-invasive see-through fences worked well. Also, the "bike corral" kept all of the bikes from trampling the fragile dunes to the south of the Pier. My suggestion would be to take a year off and revisit all of the challenges that the Charile Saikley 6man tournament now entails.
Gerry O'Connor August 24, 2011 at 07:54 AM
Where was the advance public notice for this meeting? No email notices were sent out by the City and there's nothing posted to the City website ... so this hardly qualifies as residents and business owners being "encouraged to participate". A story in this week's Beach Reporter states that a report by our Public Safety staff will be presented at the Sept. 20 City Council meeting, yet there is no mention of this sudden 'community meeting'. When oh when will our City leaders learn to employ proper process to openly and effectively engage the public?!?
Roger Simons August 24, 2011 at 06:57 PM
Gerry, what can you expect from a City Manager that keeps the truth from the people of Manhattan Beach. You elected the city council members that hired him and keep him on in spite of this. Now who do you blame? There is no transparency in this city government and never had been. they are simply learning better how not to get caught by the public. With all due respect, Dave Carmany is doing no favors to the people of this city and should be fired for incompetence. His six figure salary is unjustifiable and this is merely another example of this. He lied to me and to others I know and can't be trusted, period. No disrespect to you Gerry or to Dave Carmany, the truth will come out eventually though and Dave Carmany will have to answer to the people of Manhattan Beach. This tourney is about $$$$ to these government employees and arresting people is profitable as well so it's a win win for them. The people always lose in THIS game called city government.


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