Do Endorsements Influence Elections?

The Daily Breeze recently announced its endorsement of Nathan Mintz for the 66th Assembly District. Will that influence your choice of candidate?

As a policy, Patch does not endorse candidates in elections. But we back any effort to explore all sides of a race or ballot initiative. We have a standing invitation to all incumbents and office-seekers to blog on Patch—giving them direct, unfiltered access to their communities.

But it’s traditional for newspapers to endorse candidates for local, state and national office. Locally, the Daily Breeze recently endorsed Nathan Mintz for the 66th Assembly District, calling him "the best of the bunch," which also includes Craig Huey and Al Muratsuchi.

Other papers in the Los Angeles Newspaper Group, of which the Breeze is a member, have endorsed candidates in several Congressional districts and the Los Angeles County District Attorney race this year.

In light of media fracturing—with many sources of news and opinion available—do newspaper endorsements still carry any weight? Do people take cues from the local metro daily or the free weeklies, or are these efforts now meaningless?

CLaude Todoroff May 29, 2012 at 05:51 PM
The lame stream media is so out of touch with the country that their endorsements aren't worthy to be called toilet paper material. We know that a very high percentage of the media (over 80%) is in the tank for Obama and his far left extremists. I am surprised that the Daily Breeze endorsed Mintz instead of Al Muratsuchi. I guess Mintz was RINO enough for the Breeze.
Arthur J Plourde May 29, 2012 at 06:23 PM
It is most obvious to this commenter that the "Daily Breeze" certainly is a biased Liberal paper. When you take and evaluate the credentials brought to this race by both candidates, Craig Huey in the 66th Republican Race far exceeds those of the endorsement of the Breeze. Further, even though he founded the TEA Party of the South Bay in 2009, he has deviated from the principles of the national TEA Party movement. He is not socially conservative as the TEA Party is. Mr Huey stands firm and strong in his principles and beliefs about the government in Sacramento being out of control. His presentation of the 7 crises of CA clearly outshine any presentation I have seen from the other candidate. Mr Huey has his pulse on the issues and the problems that beset the state of CA. If the people of this new 66th put their vote on the line for Mr Huey, they will have elected a candidate who will work tirelessly on their behalf and has no obligation to fulfill to any special interests after his election. He can devote his time, energy, and resources to meeting the needs of the community he will be representing. Remember also he almost defeated a Democrat on the National scene for the vacancy in the 36th Congressional district before redistricting occurred. This man Mr Huey is a breath of fresh air on the current political landscape. Please give your VOTE to him in this election.
Kent McCaman, Captain of Industry May 30, 2012 at 04:40 AM
When a newspaper endorses a candidate, what does that mean? Did every employee at the paper participate in a hand vote? No. That's silly. "The Newspaper" didn't endorse anybody. The editor did. It's just one person's opinion -- and usually the opinion of a Liberal. Those wily Liberals seem to dominate the press and broadcast media. Regarding the 66th Assembly District, I'm not fond of any candidate. I've got no problem with the TEA Party. Their ambition is to simply have smaller government, significantly cut taxes, and allow the citizen to enjoy more liberty while accepting more personal responsibility. Nothing wrong with that. I find it quite appealing. The Republican platform is all about empowering the individual. In that spirit, I am a pro-choice Conservative. And I believe marriage should not be re-defined. What candidate should get my vote? While I've got your attention, educators in California are the highest paid in the nation. Their union buys legislation. They've got money for TV and radio ads to pick our pockets while telling us, "Do it for the children." They need money to sustain their extravagant pensions and health care benefits. In Los Angeles, there are 18 education administrators for every teacher. Texas has fewer teachers per child than California, yet the kids in Texas test better. L.A. City has a 60% fail rate for students in public school. There's no merit system for teachers. No voucher system to give parents a choice. They want more money? No.
Michiel Van Kets August 23, 2012 at 07:38 AM
Yes they do, endorsements show the public why a candidate would be suitable to be elected and win. If a respectable and reputable business is endorsing a candidate, it shows solidarity, integrity and most of all, the qualities that the candidate has to serve as the winner of the election.


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