El Porto Parking Lot Hole Repaired

What first looked like a 'small depression' and was discovered to be a 'large cavity,' takes longer than expected to repair.

A hole that caused the entrance to the El Porto parking lot to be closed, opened and re-closed has been repaired, said Manhattan Beach City Manager David Carmany.

When the initial "small depression" was discovered the morning of Friday, Feb. 8, city staff closed the entrance at 45th Street and The Strand and made the normal exit at 40th Street into an exit and entrance by removing the spikes, he said. Residents were notified via fliers distributed to properties on The Strand and temporary detour signs were put up.

The hole was filled with 50 cubic yards of slurry and the parking lot closed at 5:30 that night, Carmany said. 

On Saturday, Feb. 9, crews placed temporary asphalt to reopen the lot for the weekend with permanent asphalt repairs made Monday morning.

A complication arose last Thursday when a small depressed area was found east of the main repairs on 45th Street when work crews discovered that the steep elevation at the intersection did not allow the slurry to completely fill the void in this area.

Temporary repairs were made that night, and the lot reopened. Permanent repairs were made last Friday morning and the El Porto parking lot entrance was open by noon, reported Carmany.

Staff does not anticipate any further issues at this location, he said, noting that workers determined that corrosion and failure of a small section of 12” corrugated metal pipe were responsible for hole. 

Did this repair impact you? What do you think of the way the city handled this repair?


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