City Council Meeting and Awarding of Next Solid Waste Contract

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The City Council will award Manhattan Beach's next solid waste contract at this month's meeting. The public is invited to attend and offer opinions and comments.

Michael Keegan February 10, 2011 at 07:54 PM
This Tuesday night the city council will be selecting and awarding a new seven year trash contract. It is an important contract for residents and businesses. The low bidder, Crown Disposal should be awarded the contract. The new trash company will save residents and businesses millions of dollars over the 7-year life of this contract. The current waste hauler, Waste Management has done a fine job, but saving money for taxpayers is very important in these current economic times. Additionally, the Crown proposal will recycle and divert millions of pounds of trash to a useful purpose and not into landfills. The other bidders were far behinfd in the recycling effort. This award is a no-brainer. Pleasse let your councilmembers and mayor know you want to save money and recycle more. This proposal is what we have been asking for. The Crown proposal is the only offer that includes food waste recycling. If the council keeps the current hauler - Waste Management, we will have to wait seven more years to recycle food waste, thus throwing tons of foodwaste to overused landfills wasting tons of fuel getting the waste to those landfills. I urge the Manhattan beach city council to approve the low bidder and save residents and businesses millions of dollars over the life of this contract.
Karen Cedillo February 14, 2011 at 07:19 PM
Wow... is Mr. Keegan working for Crown these days?! I care a great deal about the environment, and have been following this process for nearly a year. Here's the most important question we should be asking ourselves--don't you get what you pay for? How is it possible that Crown can do everything for less? Or are they just underbidding the costs and overestimating what they can really accomplish? One of the experts at the last meeting said that no other California city has been able to reach the diversion levels Crown estimated. I would rather stay with a proven and trusted partner. For each resident, the city says its about a dollar more a month. Isn't our environment worth that?
Michael Keegan February 14, 2011 at 07:36 PM
Ms. Cedillo: My business will save over $200 a year on a rate basis not using Waste Managment. Additionally, I will save another $420 a year in less pick ups with the food waste recycling plan. I will divert thousands of pounds of trash per year. If you take the hundred or so foodservice establishments, the number expands to alot of savings. Proven track record. That sounds like a termed used by salespeople when you pay a higher price. I want to save money and divert my trash from landfills. Who's the shill for the trash companies now. crown will work and so would Athens, they both save me money. Crown proposal just has some choices within that I liked. Fyi -- I have been following monitoring trash rates and service for over a dozen years in business and on city commissions and city council for over a decade. i will discuss this with you, using facts anytime. i might add that my business won an award recently from the California Integrated Waste Resources Board
Karen Cedillo February 14, 2011 at 11:48 PM
Mr Keegan, I sincerely apologize for any offense taken by my comments. I did find it a little strange for someone to be singing the praises of Crown, and was disappointed that this has resorted to name-calling. Perhaps this is why I don't like to post comments very often... back to the discussion: WM does indeed have a proven track record -- they have been in our community for more than 20 years, right? How does that make me a "shill" for know that fact? My only point is that we really don't know that ANY other company will actually do what they promise. Also, I just looked at the staff report online and it says that all three companies have plans for food waste recycling. I agree that's a great new program that was requested by our city.


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