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Holiday Spotlight: George Butts

This Manhattan Beach resident is looking forward to a lobster dinner with his family on Christmas Eve. Just don't give him coconut!

Name: George Butts

Occupation: President, Taxi Equipment Company, Inc. the job; president, Manhattan Beach C.E.R.T. Association, the passion.

What do you like about the holiday season? Seeing friends and family

What don't you like about it? The traffic and crowded stores

What's your holiday wish for others? Good health and happiness; everything else will come together with the two of them.

If you could give someone in your life whatever gift you wanted to, what would the gift be and who would you give it to? My father: peace in his failing years.

What are your plans for this New Year's Eve? Small get together with friends, Karaoke and dinner

What will you do on (New Year's Day) Jan. 1 and 2? Nothing planned. May fly out somewhere for breakfast with my wife Linda and some other pilots… Relax and get ready for another hectic year.

What stands out to you about 2011, either personally, professionally or in general? Business has started to pick up. We continue to bring people into the CERT organization that are willing to help us grow and become a better asset to the city and help our neighbors prepare for whatever may arise in the future.  A great year with the family.

What is your New Year's Resolution? Again, to work on staying in shape, better health, and becoming a better person.

What's your favorite Christmas tradition? Lobster dinner on Christmas Eve with our daughter and grandchildren

What holiday foods do you like? Anything except coconut

Is there anyone near and dear to you who wasn't with you for the holidays? Who, and why? My father, back east, is in an assisted living home. Will visit week after next.

What does Christmas mean to you? Remembering who has given of themselves so that we have the life that we have now. It started with Christ, then our forefathers, and it continues with our military, and first responders that allow us to have the freedom now, to do what we can. Family, and giving to those that need.


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