Safety Concerns Cancel Parks & Rec Raku Class

A neighbor of the city's ceramics studio sounds an alarm about smoke and ash, the Easy Reader reports.

Nancy Dunn's "dream come true" home in Manhattan Beach's Sand Section wasn't everything she thought it would be, the Easy Reader has reported

The city's cultural arts commissioner found out that smoke from the city's "Ceramics Raku Firing" class in nearby Live Oak Park was producing the smog and ash affecting her husband's asthma and family’s allergies. 

After Dunn alerted the city's cultural arts manager to her issue, the city responded by canceling the class three days before it was to begin another 11-week session just before Thanksgiving. That cancellation has left class member and lifelong Manhattan Beach resident Susan Nagy, who found an outlet in the class, frustrated.

For the city's part, they want to find a solution to the smoke and ash that ends up in Dunn's home before offering the class again.

Richard Gill, Parks and Recreation director, told reporter Esther Kang the problem is not "subjective or arbitrary" since there is real smoke coming out of the kiln and into Dunn's home. He noted that smoke can be hazardous to health and he thinks the city is "taking a very reasonable, precautionary step" while "trying to find a long-term solution.”

For the full story, visit the Easy Reader article online.


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