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Redondo Beach Moves Forward With Proposal to Rename Artesia Boulevard

Redondo Beach will host two meetings for people who wish to get information and give feedback on a proposal to rename Artesia Boulevard to Redondo Beach Boulevard.

FILE PHOTO: Artesia Boulevard. Photo credit Nicole Mooradian.
FILE PHOTO: Artesia Boulevard. Photo credit Nicole Mooradian.

The Redondo Beach movement to change Artesia Boulevard's name to Redondo Beach Boulevard will take another step forward in the next week with a pair of informational meetings at the North Branch Library in Redondo Beach.

Currently, Redondo Beach Boulevard ends when it hits Redondo Beach at the South Bay Galleria. If the name change as proposed takes place, the stretch of Artesia Boulevard west of where Redondo Beach and Artesia Boulevards intersect would be renamed Redondo Beach Boulevard.

Councilman Pat Aust, who proposed the name change more than two years ago, has emphasized that it would "restore" the name of Redondo Beach Boulevard to that stretch of Artesia Boulevard.

The street was renamed Artesia Boulevard after Caltrans assumed ownership of it with the intention to extend the 91 freeway, according to Aust. Control of the boulevard was restored to the city some years later.

The proposed name change is part of an effort to revitalize the Artesia Corridor as part of the city's three-year strategic plan. The North Redondo Beach Business Association has also been a proponent of the idea.

"The restoring of Redondo Beach Boulevard is thought to be an opportunity to rebrand the street, increase its regional visibility and attract new patrons and businesses to one of the major arterial roadways in the South Bay," according to a notice from Redondo Beach Public Works Director Mike Witzansky. 

The two public meetings are scheduled for Thursday and Dec. 16. Thursday's meeting will last from 6-7 p.m., while the Dec. 16 meeting will last from noon through 1 p.m.

People unable to attend the meetings at the North Branch Library are invited to give feedback to Aaron Ledet in the city manager's office at 310-372-1171, ext. 2224. 

jan sultan December 11, 2013 at 10:48 AM
This idea to rename Artesia is just plain stupid, and the work of idle minds. Every business has to change websites, business cards, and all advertising. Every map out there will be wrong. Every street sign for the whole Blvd replaced. Who wins? Anything?


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