Redux: 6-Man Volleyball's Online Registration, Girl Scout Cookies, More

Here are excerpts from "5 Things to Know About MB" columns that are relevant today. In fact, Monday, March 5 is the last day to register online for the Charlie Saikley 6-Man tournament and the column has an online Girl Scout cookie locator.

1. Registration fees for local businesses sponsoring a team in the Charlie Saikley 6-Man Beach Volleyball Tournament have dropped from $2,500 last summer to $1,000 for a 12-player team in 2012 and $2,000 for a 20-player team, said Mark Leyman, the city's recreation services manager. Teams interested in entering the July 31-August 1 competition can register online now through March 5 by making a deposit to hold a spot for their team. Event organizers want to know how many teams are interested in playing so they can update City Council in March or April, he noted. This is the first time the event has held online registration and the 2012 is being held on a Tuesday and Wednesday, instead of Saturday and Sunday, to reduce the party scene that has accompanied the tournament the past several years. The Chicago-based Team Ditka told Leyman that they will not enter this summer's tournament because team members hold full-time, weekday jobs. During the 2011 event,  during a timeout called by Tilton's friend and teammate Deanna Goodman during a Chicago Pinup Girls game the two were playing in.

2. ...Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies anyone?! If a girl scout hasn't visited your home or sold you some cookies yet, ... Here's a "cookie locator." ...

3. If a craft beer, albeit one from an establishment that's rated as one of the top 8 best craft beer bars in Los Angeles, captures your fancy, Simmzy's in downtown MB is the place to go. Throw in a burger from the joint Manhattan Beach Patch readers just named No. 2 in the city for a burger and you've got a great spot for catching up with friends and food. 

4. The Original Rinaldi's, my favorite deli in Manhattan Beach, has healthy new options all over their menu, thanks to their participation in the Vitality City/Blue Zones restaurant concept. In addition to their huge menu based on Boar's Head meats and cheeses, you can order great new healthy options. 

5. Small gifts and acts of kindness have a way of making a lasting impression.

On a busy summer's day during my dog walking of 2010, I stopped in at Grow: The Produce Shop to grab a piece of fruit and simply grabbed one piece of fruit. At the checkout stand, the Grow staff member asked if that was all I had to which I replied, "Yes." He told me to take it.

Recently, I went to the Manhattan Postal Center to fax a document but didn't have the $3 in cash necessary to pay for the fax. I offered a credit card and owner Steve Finestone, one of the nicest men around, told me to pay him with cash next time I was in.

Manhattan Beach is a great community to live in. Thanks to everyone who makes it such a wonderful place to be!


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