Endeavour Flies Over Manhattan Beach

Lucky residents and visitors got to gaze and gape as the Space Shuttle Endeavour actually flew over MB's coast and inland up Manhattan Beach Boulevard, according to sources. It 'felt like we could reach up and touch it," wrote a Patch rea

If you haven't had your fill of Space Shuttle Endeavour's historic final flight, here's a photo taken by a reader as the shuttle and its entourage approached the Manhattan Beach Pier Friday as well as a video from 3rd grader Tom Bendelow of Torrance who shot the footage atop a parking garage as Endeavour made its final touchdown.

Kathleen Flick of Manhattan Beach said her husband, who is a pilot, was able to figure out the shuttle's flight path and they saw Endeavour once after the Santa Monica fly over and once after the El Segundo fly over but only for a couple seconds. Even with the palm trees making for a somewhat difficult shot, Flick was able to capture the MB feel as the shuttle approached. It "felt like we could reach up and touch it," she wrote in an email.

MBPD Lt. Andy Harrod said he was told Endeavour flew over the MB Pier and then up Manhattan Beach Boulevard. Did you see it?

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