Ted Lieu's Bills: Signed, Vetoed

The deadline passes for Gov. Jerry Brown to sign bills into law. Here's a list of what state Sen. Ted Lieu, who represents the Beach Cities, did (and didn't) get done this term.

State Sen. Ted Lieu, who represents Manhattan Beach in , took a look back Tuesday at some of the bills he authored this term and said in a statement, "slashing unemployment and protecting both our children and our wallets" were among his priorities.

Here is a roundup of the laws Lieu introduced this year:

Bills signed into law:

  • Senate Bill 698: Job Training and Oversight  

This measure aims to reduce unemployment numbers and improve access to jobs by holding local job training programs accountable to higher standards.

  • Senate Bill 746:

This law is the first in the nation to ban minors from using indoor tanning beds due to a reported link between indoor tanning and skin cancer. Doctors, pediatricians, dermatologists, scientists, insurers and health organizations statewide have shown support for this law.

  • Senate Bill 757: Insurance Equality

This measure aims to close a loophole used by out-of-state health insurers to avoid paying medical coverage benefits for domestic partners.

  • Senate Bill 917: Curbing Animal Abuse and Neglect

This measure aims to help prevent animal abuse by banning the sale of pets on street corners and temporary retail venues.

  • Senate Bill 857: Strike Damages

This bill clarifies state law relating to strike damages by prohibiting the Public Employment Relations Board from measuring damages based on the threat of a strike.

Bills vetoed by the governor:

  • Senate Bill 702:

This law would have required a microchip with the owner’s contact information to be implanted in all pets when they are either adopted from a shelter or reunited with their owners after being held at a shelter.

  • Senate Bill 759: Water Conservation

This measure would have aimed to encourage water conservation by allowing artificial turf or other material that resembles grass to be used in certain developments.

Veto message:

"Under this bill, homeowners associations that govern Common Interest Developments would be forced to approve the installation of Astro Turf. The decision about choosing synthetic turf instead of natural vegetation should be left to individual homeowners associations, not mandated by state law. For this reason, I am returning this bill." — Gov. Brown

  • Senate Bill 888:

This measure would have placed time, place and manner restrictions on protests at funeral services.

Veto message:

"This measure seeks to address the offensive conduct of those who protest at private funerals to gain publicity for their causes, and I am very tempted to sign it. When I was the Attorney General, I joined an amicus brief in the Supreme Court arguing that funeral protesters should be held accountable to their victims. But earlier this year, the Supreme Court ruled that funeral protests are protected by the First Amendment and can be circumscribed in only extremely limited ways. I cannot in good faith sign this measure because it plainly fails to comport with the Supreme Court's decision." — Gov. Brown

— All descriptions of bills courtesy Sen. Ted Lieu's office.


Do you think Lieu is prioritizing the right things? What do you think of his record this term?

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Gerry O'Connor October 13, 2011 at 05:29 PM
A true evaluation requires unbiased descriptions of Lieu's bills, not Lieu's own descriptions provided in this article. (Just for instance, Lieu's description of SB 759 suggests it would "allow" use of artificial turf in "certain developments", yet Brown's veto message suggests "homeowners associations ... would be forced to approve" artificial turf. One of them is misrepresenting this bill's actual language. However, Ted Lieu's selection and retention of Kinde Durkee as his campaign treasurer is *hugely* problematic. http://www.latimes.com/news/local/la-me-09-17-campaign-fraud-20110917,0,1375060.story


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