Was 'Carmageddon' Overhyped?

What's your take on the 405 Freeway closure?

So-called "" appeared to go smoother than usual over the weekend, with the 405 Freeway reopening well ahead of the announced schedule.

Patch readers have weighed in with a wide range of perspectives on the much-hyped freeway closure. Below is a sampling of views expressed by some who admired the construction and others who thought too big a deal was made of it.

Do you think the 405 Freeway closure was overhyped? Are you impressed with how smoothly it all went? Share your thoughts in the comments box below.

"I agree with those giving congratulations to the people of Los Angeles. This was a collective action on the part of the people, who recognized the potential for serious gridlock citywide." —

"Kudos to our citizens for a job well done. We did it in  1984 and now in 2011. God fobid we have THE BIG ONE will we have the wherewithal to REALLY work together and overcome big-time challenges?" —

"Its OPEN! OMG! The contractor must not only been penalized for every minute it would run over, but also rewarded for every minute ahead of schedule it opened! I'm sorry to see the CARtastrophe & CARmageddon go! It was some of the BEST traffic LA has seen since the 1984 Olympics!" —

"Carmageddan ova! City did a tremendous job scaring the bageezus out of everyone which made the closure a big success!" —

"What a big waste of news media time next time they should shut down all the freeways and see what happens." —

"What an over-hyped bunch of nothing this was, just like the predicted traffic disaster for the 1984 Olympics that never came about. I think the local news networks were the most disappointed; they had to be hoping for a real "Carmageddon" for all those live camera shots." —

"Carmageddon became Carmaheaven because the people of Los Angeles listened and stayed local helping their merchants where they lived. Even though Anthony is calling it a failure the 1984 Olympics traffic disaster that didn't happen, that was a success, just like this weekend." —

"I think its really great that these workers got the Job done on time, I wanna give the men of the contruction, company that were in charge of the demolition a two thumbs up, great Job Men, Job well done getting the 405, open on time before monday rush hour, again Job well done, keep up the good work......" —

local July 20, 2011 at 08:17 PM
Best weekend in the South Bay since 1965!
Doug Herich July 21, 2011 at 10:14 PM
Liz Spear is aware that city of Manhattan Beach elected officials are knowingly and willingly lying to the people of Manhattan Beach and is failing to print this news to alert the public. The interim City Attorney, Leland Dolley resigned abruptly because HE in fact became aware of this scandal and now the city officials are attempting to cover up the truth....AGAIN! How many times will the city government attempt to lie to the people and get away with it? It is amazing to me that Christi Hogin has not bailed as well but if one wants to prove the city is in denial, just visit the official website for the city of Manhattan Beach and click on the "contact" link for the City Attorney...and take a look what you discover. They are claiming that Leland Dolley is STILL the official City Attorney! That is not true and the city council announced his resignation back in the first council meeting of June 2011, almost 2 months ago. The city of Manhattan Beach is lying to the people and Liz Spears is helping them. Shame on you Liz. You would think the city council would have learned their lesson about lying. Just proves that some things NEVER change. ask your city council member why Leland Dolley REALLY resigned and why the city council has not hired a "new" City Attorney". How can the city operate without a City Attorney of record? Christi Hogin ignores my letters to her and I have written several. Why don't you try? The truth makes us free, Liz does not recognize this...
Doug H. July 26, 2011 at 02:13 PM
The truth will make Doug Herich free! Stupid is as stupid does! ;-)
Doug Herich July 27, 2011 at 02:07 PM
....who is this Doug H. that mysteriously appeared? Perhaps a paid government official? Hmmmm, the grapevine says yes..... When the truth is told, it makes people like you look foolish. Keep your words sweet Doug, someday you may have to eat them.
douglas July 28, 2011 at 04:58 AM
No, he's not on the Government dole. So much for your conspiracy theory. He (or she) is just trying to keep you honest. So next time tell the truth or don't bother posting and don't let the door hit you on your behind on the way out. Have a nice day!


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