Turkey Tips ~ for a safe and Happy Thanksgiving Day!

Thanksgiving Day Tips for your dogs.

Thanksgiving is here, one of the happiest times of the
year, for humans and pups alike. But Turkey Day can be stressful and even dangerous for our rascals, if we're not careful and don't take the appropriate precautions.  With a little bit of smarts and good planning, you can help your pup make it through the day, happy and safe!

Here are a few Turkey Tips~

Bone Up on your Pups' Obedience Skills –
Take the time to remind your pup of
his/her manners. Practice Sit, Down, Go To Your Spot, Recall and
their Boundaries. Impress your family with a well mannered dog and
keep your dog safe at the same time.

Give Them a Safe/Quiet Place To Hang-out -
Most dogs love the family and friends that visit
during the holidays, but just like children, dogs can become
overwhelmed. Pay close attention to your dogs' behavior and make
sure they have a safe, quiet place to hang-out when it just gets to
be too much. Set up their bed/crate in a comfy, quiet room, soft
music playing, a worn t-shirt of yours for them to snuggle up to and
a yummy bone (something special) for them to gnaw on. Make it
happy! This is not a punishment. This is their special place to
relax. Make sure all the kids in the house know this and ask them
to give their buddy some space for a little while. He can come out and play

Don't overdue the Turkey – It's probably unrealistic to say, “Don't give your dogs turkey.” They love it and what the heck, it's just once a year. But do it in
moderation, just a little bit goes a long way. Make sure it's a lean piece and that there are no bones. Give it to them away from
the table, so they don't learn to beg. Have them sit nicely, then
give them their Thanksgiving treat. *No turkey for pups that are
allergic to poultry though and ask your guests not to feed your dog
from the table. If they really want to join in the giving, have
them ask your dog to sit and give him/her the Turkey away from the
dinner table.

No Sweets -
What is Thanksgiving without Pumpkin Pie and other luscious desserts? Us
humans love 'em, but they can be deadly to dogs. So keep those pies
up and don't feed anything with sugar to your pup. The last thing
you want to be doing is rushing to the ER with a sick pup on
Thanksgiving night.

Assign a Door Cop –One of the greatest hazards of the holiday season is the possibility of losing your pup, watching them dash out as the door flies open
because a guest forgets to close it properly. So assign a responsible adult to keep an eye on the door. Ask them to let all the guests in/out and to be in charge of
“security,” making sure your pup never has the chance to bolt
out the door. Everyone likes to feel needed, so find a
family/friend who loves to help. Have a little thank you gift ready
for them at the end of the night. People like Rewards too!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Be thankful for those Furry Tails and Fluffy Feet!

They make the Holidays extra special!

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