Video: Parties Remain a 6-Man Fixture

Colorful costumes are back this year, and so are the signature parties that continue to entertain attendees but annoy some residents.

Before midday on Saturday, the 6-Man parties were in full swing. Hip-hop and rap blared through residences along The Strand and walkstreets as endless crowds reveled in Manhattan Beach's largest event of the year.

Scott Hubbell of Beachsport.org, the event marketing company for the International Surf Festival of which the Saturday and Sunday Charlie Saikley 6-Man Volleyball Tournament is a part of, estimated the crowd at 70,000 on Saturday. 

Several volleyball teams hosted house parties with music, dancing and alcohol.

Manhattan Beach Patch met a few residents who complained about the neighborhood booze due, in their opinion, to last year's reinforced alcohol ban on the beach. They said drunkenness, excessive noise and public urination has increased as parties have shifted away from the sand and into homes.

Although a few party houses declined MB Patch's request to film, most welcomed the exposure.

"We got over 600 people coming here, and we're just trying to bring a positive nature to the City of Manhattan Beach for 6-Man," said Strand resident and party host, Christopher Stine.

Simmzy's/Beckers Bakery claimed the 6-Man title this year.


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