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Manhattan Beach PD Releases Sketch of Suspected…

Four 6-Man Related Arrests

Three adults and one juvenile were arrested in Manhattan Beach Tuesday in association with the Charlie Saikley 6-Man Beach Volleyball Tournament.

  • Tuesday, July 31:

Four arrests were made and two citations issued in incidents related to the Charlie Saikley 6-Man Beach Volleyball Tournament in Manhattan Beach Tuesday, Officer Stephanie Martin of MBPD told Patch today.

Last year, a reported 35 citywide arrests were made during the tournament weekend, 23 of which were for public intoxication, Martin told MB Patch at the time.

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This year's arrests were for assault with a deadly weapon, resisting arrest and being drunk in public; resisting arrest and being drunk in public; being drunk in public, and resisting arrest.

Males were arrested in the first three incidents listed above; a female juvenile was arrested for resisting arrest.

According to Martin, two citations were issued to 17-year-old males for possessing alcohol.

The incidents mostly happened between 5:30 and 11:30 p.m., after the tournament had concluded for the day, she said.

"From a patrol officer's standpoint, I thought it [the tournament] was a nice family event," said Martin, calling it "significantly different" from the mayhem of recent years.

"It really turned out to be exactly what the City Council wanted," said MBPD Lt. Andy Harrod. ""I think we really hit a bull's eye."

This year's tournament, which was held on two weekdays for the first time in its 51-year history, drew a much smaller crowd its first day, estimated at no more than 15,000 on the sand by a member of the security firm that staffed the event, said Harrod.

The first day of the tourney typically has been time to party for some 30,000-50,000 visitors who flock to the beach city to soak up sun, booze and pay little attention to the volleyball competition, which takes place on the sand south of the Manhattan Beach Pier and has been surrounded by fence since 2010 in an effort to keep alcohol off the beach.  

Once the booze was effectively prevented from being consumed on the sand [it is illegal to have alcohol on the beach], the party moved in land onto The Strand, walk streets, patios, downtown streets, inside rented beach close homes, and into bars and restaurants in MB.

Here's video coverage of the party scene in 2011, as well as photos: 

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