Tourist Spotlight: Tony and Mo Hasan

Plenty of tourists flock to Manhattan Beach during the summer months. Here's why they make the trip.

Where are you from? Tony: Right now we live in Miami, Florida.

How do the beaches compare? Tony: The ocean in Miami is like a sauna, it's so hot you just slide in. Here, you go in cautiously and feel a bit of a chill when you get in the water. But it's refreshing.

So, what are you doing in Manhattan Beach? Tony: My son has a basketball tournament every summer in Orange County, but we visit Manhattan Beach every year after the tournament. This is our fifth year in a row visiting.

What makes you come back? Tony: I like the small-town feel of the place. It's like a little oasis, separate to the craziness of the L.A. lifestyle. When I lived in L.A. and I became stressed, I would come here to forget the craziness.

Where's your go-to spot in Manhattan Beach? Mo: The creamery. I love the mango-flavored ice cream! I get it every time.


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