Surfers Score in Boardriders Contest

Local surfers of all ages hit the waves for a South Bay Boardriders Club competition, the fourth in a series of six. They are joined by surfers from beaches south of MB, too.

Rescheduled from March 17 due to rain, contest No. 4 of the South Bay Boardriders Club's SB Surf Series saw sun, clouds, rain and mid-afternoon wind last Saturday.

The series consists of six contests for practically every age group and includes the popular Micro-Grom division for kids under 9 years of age. 

The morning heats started off with some of the best waves seen in weeks - head-high plus waves with great shape. The wave of the day came in just south of the contest site at 26th Street in MB, where pro-surfer and SBBC contestant Dane Zaun caught an overhead wave that opened up to give him a double barrel ride. When he came out of the barrel, the crowd on the beach went wild with cheers.

The contestants took full advantage of the good surf and put on a show for beachgoers. By mid-day, the clouds came in and brought a light rain that added a chop to the ocean, making the heats a bit more challenging. The rain, however, did not last long and the sun came back out, offering great conditions for the finals.

Currently ranked 4th overall in the series, Manhattan Beach local Derek Brewer surfed well throughout the day, taking home first in the men’s open division. 

On the open women’s side, overall series ratings leader Natalie Anzivino held off Meah Collins to secure another victory.  

Other winners of the contest were: former pro surfer Scott Daley (Legends 50+), Warren Kushner (Masters, 40-49), Dave Schaefer (Longboard), Meah Collins (Junior Girls, 18 & under), Ben Seaberry (Boys, 14 & under), Aryn Ferris (Juniors, 18 & under), Ben Seaberry (Groms, 12 & under) and Shane Moseley (Micro-Groms, 9 & under).

Bob Meistrell of Body Glove, which sponsored this event, helped hand out trophies.

The winner of the Maneuver of the Day Award, presented by Electric, went to Trevor Lashure, who took home a check for $100.


Open Men's:

  1. Derek Brewer 
  2. Shaun Burrell 
  3. Warren Kushner

 Boys (14 & under)

  1. Ben Seaberry 
  2. Kyle Beatty 
  3. Peter Healey

Open Longboard (all ages)

  1. Dave Schaefer 
  2. Jamie Meistrell 
  3. Brent Bland

Junior Girls (18 & under)

  1. Meah Collins 
  2. Jessie Rowan 
  3. Ailidh Shelden

Open Women's

  1. Natalie Anzivino 
  2. Meah Collins 
  3. Rachel Tominaga

Groms (12 & under)

  1. Ben Seaberry 
  2. Dylan Hord 
  3. Sam Reichel

Masters (40-49)

  1. Warren Kushner 
  2. Ted Robinson  
  3. Chris Wells

Juniors (18 & under)

  1. Aryn Ferris 
  2. Kelly Zaun 
  3. Kent Nishiya

Micro-Groms (9 & under)

  1. Shane Moseley  
  2. Noah Steinmetz  
  3. Kelly Murphy

Legends (50+)

  1. Scott Daley 
  2. Mark Theodore 
  3. Nick Christensen

A video, supplied by Body Glove, of the day-long contest can be seen online.

For photos from the competition see .

The next competition in the surf series is scheduled for Saturday, April 21 at El Porto in Manhattan Beach.

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