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Public Works Department
3621 Bell Ave, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

The Public Works Department is responsible for the design, construction, operation and maintenance of all publicMore infrastructure and public right-of-way. The department director is Jim Arndt and his number is 310-802-5300.

The following are the department's major divisions:


The primary responsibility of the Engineering Division is the design and construction of the city's infrastructure, including streets; the water, sewer and storm drain systems; park facilities; city buildings; and transportation/traffic systems. The division is also responsible for the design and administration of the annual Capital Improvement Program.

Engineering staff provides support to the Community Development Department in reviewing private development proposals and their impact on city facilities and resources. Other staff responsibilities include the review of proposals from other public agencies; approval of parcel maps; and the maintenance of record drawings, general element maps, aerial photographs, topographic maps and survey data.

The offices of the Engineering Division are located on the first floor of City Hall and the hours of operation (8 a.m. - 5 p.m. weekdays) differ from the rest of the Public Works Department offices at the City Yard.

Street Maintenance

The Street Maintenance Division handles complaints regarding streets or sidewalks with dangerous cracks or holes; debris accumulation; graffiti and vandalism; rights-of-way that are encroached by bushes, trees or other obstructions; and malfunctioning or broken traffic signals and signs.

The division is also tasked with keeping all city streets free of trash and debris. The city contracts with Cleanstreet for street-sweeping services and posts signs to indicate the sweeping time intervals so that cars parked along the road can be moved when sweeping occurs. Streets are swept weekly, though signs are posted on many of the city's main streets and in business districts, indicating when sweeping time intervals are more frequent.

The city currently contracts with Waste Management, a private hauler that services residents and commercial businesses with trash, recycling and green waste collection.

Water Services

The functions of the Water Administration Program include: Planning ongoing system maintenance work; assisting the Engineering Division with design and inspection of water capital projects; establishing repair and maintenance procedures; maintaining contact with West Basin Municipal Water District, the principal supplier of water for the city; planning the proper mix of imported-purchased water and water pumped from city wells; and providing inspections and technical assistance for private construction resulting in new or altered water service connections.

Sewer Services

The city maintains most of its sewer main lines, however the lateral line that connects from individual homes and businesses to the main line is the responsibility of the property owner.

To report a possible blockage or leak or if you plan to have your sewer line flushed, contact Public Works so its crews are made aware of the situation. Extra flow from a lateral line can block up the main line and cause an overflow. To prevent this from happening, call 24 to 48 hours in advance of any work being done. The number to call is 310-802-5304 or if you need immediate assistance after normal business hours, call 310-802-5000. To fill out a request for service form, click here.

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