Bethany Eanes
After graduating from Wash U with a dual degree in history and writing, Bethany started her career in corporate sales and marketing. Several years and one very poorly timed layoff later, Bethany decided to call it quits with the professional dress code and go freelance. Today, she works out of an office in her basement, alternating attention between her keyboard and her two cats.
She writes for local newspapers and financial websites, builds websites for small businesses and designs public relations and SEO strategies.  When she is not working,  Bethany enjoys the life of a Manhattan Beach "local" in every sense of the word -  taking long runs, practicing plenty of yoga and refining recipes each evening. Bethany is happily married to the husband of her dreams, and the couple is always looking for suggestions for two key items: travel destinations and good books! Bethany loves to read memoirs, and she has a soft-spot for independent journalism. Her favorite journalist is Dan Rather, and she hopes to emulate his unbiased journalism and knack for telling the human side of stories in her own reporting.
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