Instagrammers Meet at Manhattan Beach Pier to Bring Good Vibrations to Site of Shark Attack

Called an "InstaMeet," dozens of photographers snapped gorgeous photos of the evening hours at the pier.

Originally posted at 12:18 a.m. July 13, 2014. Edited to clarify definition of "InstaMeet."

A bunch of Instagrammers came together in an "InstaMeet" Saturday tonight at the Manhattan Beach Pier, in response to last week's shark attack.

"InstaMeets are gatherings of people coming together to connect, explore and celebrate their creativity," Instagram representative Carolyn Merrell explained.

South Bay legendary photographer Pete Halvorsen and Slater Trout, local professional stand up paddler, decided it was time for an IstaMeet at Manhattan Beach Pier "to bring good vibes back to the beach and fill people’s feeds with beautiful photos of Manhattan Beach," Merrill said.

On July 5, a long-distance swimmer was attacked by a juvenile great white shark which had been hooked on a pier fisherman's line for at least 30 minutes. Fishing as since been banned through the summer, and tensions between fishermen and water enthusiasts have been high. 

The photographers met at 6 p.m. and  raised donations for the Roundhouse Aquarium. They posted their photos on social media with the hashtag #goodvibespierpressure. You can see many of them above in the Storify box.



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