is a plan afoot to work on Sepulveda road between Marine and
Rosecrans, starting about a year from now and lasting at least one
year. It will cause traffic gridlock all over MB with nothing to
show for it.

city hall (fronting for Caltrans) claims there is a bottleneck on the

Rosecrans and it needs widening. Nothing could be farther from the
truth. South of Horondo, Sepulveda/PCH has two traffic lanes in each
direction, and between Horondo and Rosecrans there are 3 traffic
lanes in each direction. Sometimes there are additional lanes or
islands in the middle of the road or deceleration lanes. However, as
far as traffic is concerned there are currently 3 traffic lanes
across the bridge in each direction, the same as everywhere else.
Moreover, there is a decent wide sidewalk over the bride.

description of fixing a bottleneck is both false and does not
describe what they are planning. They are planning on adding a 4th
lane for northbound traffic from Marine to Rosecrans. Yes folks,
after they are done, northbound traffic will have 4 lanes for a short
spell, and southbound will have 3! This will be done by widening the
bridge east, by commandeering some deceleration lanes and taking some
land from the Village Mall. Conveniently, this is being timed for
the expansion of the mall; the mall will contribute the needed land
for the road project, in lieu of MB city hall approving their mall
expansion project.

project will affect both northbound and southbound traffic because
Caltrans wants to widen the sidewalks from 5 feet to 6 feet and also
replace an already solid barrier with an even more solid barrier. We
are promised to have 2 lanes in each direction while work is in
progress. You know every time a large truck or bulldozer has to move
around that traffic will temporarily be closed totally. In an
attempt to avoid the gridlock on Sepulveda, many will use the other
major north-south bound arteries, Highland Avenue and Aviation Blvd.
to get in and out of town. Highland and Aviation are already jammed
during rush hour and lunch hour and their bad situation will get even

will cost $21.3 Million, about the same as the MB yearly Police
Department budget. Fortunately most but not all of it is being paid
by other governmental entities. If you had a perfectly fine heart
would you undergo a heart operation if most of it were being paid for
by others?

coming Tuesday, 25th
March, starting at 6:30 pm. Manhattan Beach city council are meeting
at city hall to discuss this among other things. If you feel as I
do, that this is a disgraceful boondoggle, where you will feel all
the pain of the construction, but not feel any gain from it, please
come to city council on Tuesday and ask city council to stop this.

Anon8 February 25, 2014 at 01:51 AM
Why is this a bad idea? Sure the constuction period will be an inconvenience...big deal. This is to address a major traffic problem we have on Sepulveda. Doing nothing will not mitigate the problem. Unless you are able to build a subway to downtown and century city, this is probably the only alternative we have.
Daniel Wickemeyer February 25, 2014 at 11:58 AM
I drive this section of Sepulveda a lot. At 7:45Am, 2:45pm to pick up /drop off my child at MBMS and at 5:30pm to head south for child sport events. The problem is not the bridge. Its the random parking of vehicles including UPS trucks and the medium in the center of the street. Yes trees look nice in the center of the road but the medium strip at Marine and Sepulveda has caused me to miss the left turn lane time and time again. Pull those damn things out and enforce no parking on Sepulveda at all times!...
Caneel Joyce February 25, 2014 at 12:52 PM
I vote for the subway option.
John Vanni February 25, 2014 at 09:26 PM
I'm more concerned about the mall expansion. Do we really need a huge mall with a huge parking structure here? This will bring more traffic, people and crime to our quaint beach town. Most people dont know how many rapes, robberies and car break-ins occur at the DelAmo mall. Get ready for a bigger crime report in the Beach Reporter!
dr.rgm February 26, 2014 at 08:41 PM
Richard G I sense the Mall expansion is the real reason for the widening. With potentially 3 major shopping malls dumping traffic on to Sepulveda and also Roscrantz this will act as a pseudo-mitigation to gain support of local residents.


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