David Lesser Takes Over as Mayor

The first-term councilman reveals his agenda as mayor.

Elected to his first term on City Council in March 2011, David Lesser officially began his first mayorship during Tuesday night's meeting after then Mayor Wayne Powell turned over the gavel, and following unanimous approval from council colleagues.

In Manhattan Beach, council members serve as mayor on a rotating basis.

Once mayor, Lesser delivered a lengthy speech about what he plans to accomplish during his 9-month term, naming public safety and city infrastructure as two core items.

He also said the ceremonial calendar for the council meetings he will preside over will be scant. "We have a lot of work to do," he said.

Predecessor Powell created debate among his peers when his ceremonial calendars included multiple presentations and took more than 60 minutes in some instances, initially turning city council meetings under his jurisdiction into lengthy affairs lasting well past midnight.

In an unusual move for MB city council, Lesser also asked that city staff respond to some of the inquiries made by resident and current city council candidate Viet Ngo, who wanted more information on certain expenditures.

During his candidacy and time on council, Lesser has worked on creating more transparency in the city's actions and fostering more community input. He is a member of the Ad Hoc Open Government Subcommittee with Mayor Pro Tem Amy Howorth.

For more information on what Lesser said Tuesday night, click here and here.

What are your hopes for Mayor Lesser's term?


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