Veterans Parkway Greenbelt in Bloom

Jeanne Jackson's vision for restoring the greenbelt has resulted in bursts of color on Veterans Parkway.. She has spent countless hours organizing volunteers, working on and maintaining the plants herself, researching plants and conducting outreach.

When Manhattan Beach resident Jeanne Jackson began creating a vision of what Veterans Parkway could look like, she probably had no idea what she'd experience along the way, from willing donors and volunteers to resident and city input.

But for now, her vision is in various stages of bloom, bringing new life and color to Veterans Parkway near Walnut Avenue.

Said Jackson, "This is the time of year when we are rewarded by all our volunteer efforts on the greenbelt, the heart and soul of the city. The California natives are blooming in abundance and clearly adored by the local bee, butterfly and hummingbird populations."

Undoubtedly, countless happy visitors have wandered through the plant paradise Veterans Parkway now holds. Among the plants are California Lilac [Ceanothus], California Poppies and Island Bush Snapdragon.

Right now, you can also see the so-very-happy African Daisies, Protea "Pin Cushion," different varieties of red or pink Grevillea and purple Sea Lavender.

Said Jackson, "Soon the trees will once again be flush with new growth and the lushness will be invigorating to all who will but pay the slightest bit of attention."

She expects each of the coming months through summer will bring different varieties of plants into their blooming cycle.

"Watch for the Bougainvillea, the purple Mexican sage, the bright orange Lion's Tails and the purple/white Lantana," she said.

"A local Brownie troop put in some waxy leaf Geraniums that made it through the winter and will burst into bloom any day now. Tis beautiful." 



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