Indigo Monk Takes 2nd in Spain

The 17-year-old MB resident receives scores in the 80s and is "elated" to take second place at the FIS Snowboarding Junior World Championships in Spain.

A sprained ankle didn't stop MB resident Indigo Monk from taking second place in slopestyle snowboarding at the FIS Snowboarding Junior World Championships in Spain this past Saturday. 

Katarzyna Rusin of Poland took first place with 86 points, to Indigo's 80. The third place finisher had 63 points. 

For her three jumps, the 17-year-old Indigo landed a front 360, back 360 and front 540. Her rail tricks were called "technical" and "clean."

Indigo sprained her ankle while walking outside of her hotel on a sidewalk with an uneven surface "and as she unknowingly stepped down, her ankle just folded," said her mom Kat Monk, an MB resident as well.

Indigo, in pain and upset with the possibility of not being able to compete after having taken first in qualifiers, consulted the USA Team doctor who had her skip practicing during semi finals and take just two practice runs right before the contest, said Kat.

Indigo's second place finish helped the U.S. team to second overall in Junior World Championship standings. 

Said Indigo of the competition, "During the comp, the other girls were throwing down and it was sick. It’s awesome to be able to compete with other girls that are throwing sweet tricks. When they are pushing themselves, it's easier to push myself."

The second place finish follows Indigo's second place finish at the Sprint U.S. Grand Prix at Mammoth Mountain earlier in March.

"It’s been awesome this season," she said after her finish in Spain. "It’s new to land contest runs; it has been a long time coming for me."

Indigo arrives in Colorado today and will be back in Manhattan Beach Saturday, said her mom.

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Carol April 03, 2012 at 03:19 PM
Congratulations Go-Go.


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